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Sunday, December 30, 2012

christmas 2012 all wrapped up

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas.
I have been enjoying some quite days reading books, watching DVD's series one of Once Upon a Time (the kids are hooked too!), catching up with friends over a very long lunch etc. etc.
But before the new year is upon us I thought I would share some photos of some decorations I hadn't yet shown you and some highlights of our festivities. 

As you can see I changed my scrabble pieces to read
"Peace on Earth"

 I set up another one on our wood stove to read
"Glory to God"

Here is a little tree B5 and I picked up at Bunnings,
I wrapped it in hessian and added some battery operated lights and a star on top.

 I also have these red baubles in a vase with some red lights because they had run out of the clear.
Notice how I deliberately left the battery pack out so you could see how it all works.

Someone requested a photo of the ladder tree lit up - so here it is.

This lovely little joy is at our back door.
The "j" I found at an op shop a couple of years ago, the little red wreath I bought at the same shop I got my drink dispensers at, on a half price special, and the "y" was a stick B4 found in the yard.

This is also at my back door.

I added this little touch of Christmas to the pool cabana
inspired by Tania's giant snow globe, although mine is just a tad smaller.

and this little wreath on a towel hook.
I like adding a little touch of Christmas here and there.

Here is a scene from our big party.
VCH changed the lights to yellow ones- they made a huge difference in the number of flying insects about, and I like the warm glow they cast much better.

 This is what our lounge room looked like on Christmas morning before we started unwrapping presents
VCH put the sheets on two presents that were too large to wrap.

 B4 (my gift giver) came in dressed like this with a huge sack of presents that he had bought and made.
I was laughing so much the first time I had to get him to go and get dressed up again so I could take a photo!

This is him in the afternoon just after a huge storm hit.
 It had been so hot and he ran outside to run around in the rain in his undies and then he decided to play a little basketball, VCH and his helpers had just got the hoop erected before the storm.
The storm came half an hour before VCH's family was due to arrive for Christmas tea. 
The undercover area was soaked, but the three big boys were wonderful, they went up and put the furniture back that we had tried unsuccessfully to move out of the rain and changed all the wet tablecloths and wiped all the water away etc. while we entertained the guests in the house.

So with that I will leave you with this thought.
I will try and pop in tomorrow with some highlights from 2012.


  1. Well Happy New year ...and he will be so mad when he sees you posted him in his skibbies lol. .CUTE pics and loved everything. I love the scrabble letters too. YOUR outside Deck looks like you had a fabulous party .. I hope that the new year brings you all tons of blessings -------- I blogged on blessings earlier

  2. Happy belated Christmas. I love your decorations and your outside area is wonderful, Just what you need for an extended family celebration. You are very clever with your decorating ideas.
    Hope you have a great new year.
    Blessings Nell

  3. I love all those scrabble letters too! Quiet days sound lovely - hope you're enjoying them!


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