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Saturday, November 17, 2012

tip trip

 The other day on my weekly trip to the dump I came home with these little beauties.
For the grand total of $7.00!
I actually had picked up a shovel that had been there for some time looking all crusty and worn and thought I may as well bring it home and do something with it.
The guy sold me everything for $10 but as I was loading it in the car he came back humbly apologising that he had sold me the shovel that belonged to the dump and the Boss had seen it and wanted it back, 
so he took it back and refunded me $3.
I think he actually wanted me to take it so that they could get a new one- but the Boss was too eagle eyed!
 The tray has a bit of rust so it will be blackboarded.

That long this is a surveyors measuring stick and pulls out to about 14 feet, how cool! 
It just needed a clean up- only when I stated to wash it the numbers started to run so I quickly stopped and will just give it a few coats of sealer before passing it on.
 This Christmas wrapping paper is still in the plastic and in my preferred Christmas colours of red and white!

 Don't you just LOVE that mirror! 
She may be staying with me- don't know if I can part with her!
The light shade, which to me looks like a heat lamp you would have for chickens, is now a shiny black.

 The guy at the dump also threw in some pieces of scrap wood and 
B4 managed to bring home a foosball game for free as well, 
I am sure we are his best customers!

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  1. Far out, what an awesome tip you have! Oh I'm hearing that mirror too!! Let me know if you decide to sell it :))
    Kate x

  2. That was meant to read 'hearting'!!! I heart the mirror! X

  3. Might have to schedule a trip to our tip shop! Shame about the shovel....especially as you'd already paid for it! That mirror is gorgeous. Rx

  4. Oh I love that surveyor's rule, awesome!! I would totally buy it, and find somewhere to put it in my house! :) Man, if I ever make a trip to Australia, I am going to have to stop in at that place, it sounds so awesome!

  5. Amazing finds. What a great resource. Love the mirror and measure thing! x

  6. keep that tip a secret !...what treasures!!
    the mirror is a cutie.
    Allison x

  7. great finds, especially the mirror!

  8. These are great - love that measuring stick! I I had no idea you could go to the tip and see what they have. There's one not far from here and I'll have to find out if I can visit!!

  9. gotta love a good tip trip!
    Bec x

  10. Hello Deanne:) Just found you at Tania's linky party! Fabulous junk... who throws this stuff out? Following you now :) Jo x

  11. That mirror is amazing Deanne! Too funny about the guy selling you the dump's shovel :))
    Cas x

  12. Love the surveyors ruler, the mirror, tray and light all so cool and such bargains.. I need to go to the tip shop, have never been!! x Tina

  13. I want that surveyors stick!!!
    How awesome is that! ;O)
    Tania xx

  14. Wow, I love your stick and your mirror, they are divine! Which dump do you go to? I didn't know they existed anymore? Amaze! Popping via Scandi Coast Home, so very nice to meet you. Lovely finds! Rachael x

  15. I didn't even know you could buy things at the tip. Funny how he tried to sell you the shovel too!

  16. So love that surveyors stick, what a find! It would make the cutest growth chart for a vintage industrial play room!! x

  17. Great finds. Looking forward to the black board and I too love the mirror.

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