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Friday, February 22, 2013

how to paint a chalkboard on your wall

The final part of my living room makeover and organising our home school was to paint a blackboard on the wall in the lounge room.

We don't have a great deal of wall space left in the room, 
but when I moved the bookshelf this opened up the perfect spot for a decent sized chalkboard.

Start by measuring the size you want the chalkboard and then tape it up
- in this case I got my able assistant to do it.
I hate doing precise things like this!
Thankfully I have a child who likes to be precise so I always get him to do my taping for me- thanks B2!

Once it is taped, roller on your chalkboard paint.
You may notice that the tape in this photo is different from the one above, that is because the green tape was some I bought for delicate projects and was a low tack tape, it had fallen down by the next morning!
I had to go out and get some stronger tape and B2 had to retape it- thanks again B2!
I would also add that it might be an idea to check the wall for any imperfections that might need to be fixed prior to painting, unlike me who had poured the paint loaded the roller and then noticed some grooves from where the fibro is joined- too late!
 I just painted over the top and hoped for the best!  
The walls in the original parts of the house are all fibro, but we have decided that when we need to repaint we will also pull out the fibro and gyprock the walls- the little boys room is first on the list followed by The Girl's.

 Three coats later I pulled off the tape.
Tip: pull tape off at an angle and not straight along, that way you are less likely to pull any paint off with it.

 Now before you do anything else you must prime the chalkboard.
Wait 24hrs after your last coat of paint and then rub a piece of chalk over the whole surface and then rub off with a rag or chalk duster.
If you don't do this whatever you write onto it first will remain embedded in the surface and it won't come off- believe me I found out the hard way!

Now your chalkboard is ready for use!

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  1. I remember doing this in our first two houses, Deanne. I painted ours on the bottom part of a wall in our children's bedrooms. They used to spend hours playing on them and I also used them to teach the little ones how to read. When we renovated our last house, my husband had to keep adding more and more layers of paint to get rid of it! But, it was definitely worth it - the children loved them so much.

    God bless, Deanne:-)

  2. Thanks for that tip on priming it . I never knew that girl .. Thanks ... Learned some-FIN today .. HUGS sweet girl and many blessings your way ................Sherry @ The Rusty Pearl

  3. Have this on a mile long list of things to do that just seem too am keen to give it a go! Rx

  4. That's great Deanne. Here's to a successful school year. Kylie x

  5. oooh it looks great! i love how you framed it out on the wall!

  6. Looks great Deanne!!!
    Perfect place for it - I did it on my kitchen pantry

  7. Thanks for that little peak into your kids education... More interesting for me to see what was ON the blackboard than the actual blackboard :) Was that your genuine week (or just for display?) and do you actually keep to those times? 15 minute time slots are absolutely not achievable here and would send me loopy, but I'm very impressed by it!!!

    1. That is actually what I had planned for my little ones for this week. We actually did pretty well, although no stuff on the computer due to our router dying. Only worked Tues, Wed, Thurs as I had to help a friend on Mon and today lots of sick kids with colds so we just did spelling tests and then they had a Madagascar marathon!
      Short lessons are working well!

  8. great idea.. especially for your homeschool!

  9. Love this Deanne. We actually did something similar and I framed it, however, it's really hard to write on, especially in small font. I think our wall might be too textured? Is your wall pretty flat? Love the blog!

  10. Love it, Deanne. Blackboards are so lovely. Not only do they look good but they are soooo useful. I still have some of my blackboards stored away - can't wait til they appear in one of the million boxes still to be unpacked:)

  11. Yes I think I have found that out the hard way as well with my Christmas Mantel chalk board. Hope you are well.

  12. Well that just looks way awesome. Love a good chalkboard :)
    Cas x

  13. Wow, your chalk board looks great! So clever, that you thought of such an easy way to do it! Love. Rach x


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