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Friday, December 14, 2012

a little christmas

I have been seeing for weeks blogs with decorations up and little crafts to do, 
and while I was making a few little things to sell for "redeemed",
 at home Christmas really was the furthest thing from my mind.
Now all my stalls are out of the way I am thinking Christmas.

I let my three little ones get out the decorations and put the tree up last week,
 none of the teenagers cared less!
(although to be fair B1 is working full time 9-6pm up until Christmas so he wasn't even home to care)
I have had red and silver for a few years and this year added the aqua, 
next year I might remove the red and just leave the silver and aqua in.

This week I have been redeeming my house after a couple of months neglect.
Cleaning up, decluttering, removing furniture from my entertaining area,
so it doesn't  look like a half junk shop, half furniture store gone wrong! 
We have the teenagers' youth group here on Saturday night for a party and then we are hosting a Christmas party next Friday night for our friends.

As we are going through each room in the house I am slowly decorating.

Today I thought I would show you my hallway.

 Since we put in the bench and shelf earlier this year,
 I have what appears to be a mantel without a fireplace attached to it,
so I had some fun decorating it.

I put up these three little trees that I bought at one of the cheap shops last year.
The wreath was there so I left it and I added a little stack of pine cones that we collected from the neighbour's tree last year.
The musical bunting that I won from Kate earlier this year has made its home here, so I left it.
Even though I was trying to be neutral, I couldn't help but add a little red handbag, an old green lantern (dump find) and a berry garland that I got at B1's shop.

I wrote JOY TO THE WORLD in scrabble letters, 
I think I might change this a few times leading up to Christmas,
it presents so many opportunities!

You may notice that this mirror has found a home for the moment.
Do you see that gorgeous lamp? 
I will be back next week with a post all about her and 
I will also share how to make yourself some cool sparkly glitter glasses as promised weeks ago!

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Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. I just LOVE your tree Deanna!!! The aqua and red are perfect - love your " mantel " too - AND I am totally stealing your scrabble idea!

  2. It looks so pretty Dea. I am so behind this year too. But don't feel panicked at all.

  3. your house is looking gorgeous! love what you've done with the mantel!!

  4. You tree looks gorgeous Deanne!

  5. Love the addition of the aqua to the tree - it looks lovely. Also love your mantle in the hall - what a lovely welcome to your home. xx

  6. The red and aqua looks great Deanne and your door and wreath introduce the theme perfectly.

  7. Looks great Deanne and I really love your front door! I've been thinking about painting mine for a while now, but just haven't had time. Hopefully in the holidays

  8. That mirror brings back memories of my g'mother:)

    1. yeah my mum had a couple and she tried to pass them onto me a few years ago and I said no, kicking myself now as I have seen them grouped together on a wall for a lovely collection!

  9. It's looking good Deanne :-) Love the idea of using the scrabble letters...lots of potential fun there thinking up new Christmas messages!

  10. Oh my Gosh, your house is looking gorgeous Deanne ;O)
    T xx

    1. Thanks Tan, it is slowly coming together!

  11. The mantle shelf is such a great idea, love the panelled door as well, the scrabble letters, bunting - love it all! :)

  12. that mirror!!. all looks very stealing the scrabble idea too!
    Allison x

  13. Great job on your decorations! Thanks for visiting Marty's Musings and my scrap wood Christmas tree!

  14. Love your Joy to the World scrabble tiles.

  15. Looks adorable! Love your pops of color!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

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