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Monday, December 17, 2012

lovely lily lamp

 On one of our garage saling dates VCH and I came across a garage sale where everything was extremely overpriced.

 So when I saw this wooden floor lamp in a corner, 
I didn't hold out much hope that it would be at a price we would be prepared to pay for it. 
It reminded me of one my mother had when I was a kid- maybe it is the same one?
It didn't have a price tag on it so we hesitantly asked, "how much?"
When the reply came back, "you can have it for .... $2!"
 We were thrilled and quickly snapped it up.

 The owner threw in two lampshades that were pretty sad.
She also explained that the wiring was dodgy, but that didn't really matter, we knew it could be fixed.

VCH replaced the wiring with  new wiring he bought at our local lighting place and 
I set to work with some white paint and then a sander.

 For the light shade, after I removed the yucky plastic stuff that had cracked and gave the wire a good scrub, 
I set about tying strips of netting, that I redeemed from our pool cabana, they had been torn and damaged by the weather, as I had replaced them with some new ones, I decided I could use the old ones for this project.

I think it looks so pretty now.

 And while "Lily Lamp" is technically for sale, I am enjoying having her grace my entry hall for the moment.


shabby creek cottage



  1. I love this idea.. Thanks for posting this. I have an old Shade that I think I will do just that................. I am your new follower... love the blog ... Stop by mine if you get a chance .. Would love to have ya

  2. Lovely Deanne. Enjoy her while she's yours.

  3. I love your lamp shade, what a clever idea..
    I am never game enough to paint the wood things in my house, my husband would chuck a fit. He loves the natural colour and grain of the wood. Unless I pick something up that is already painted I don't stand a chance.
    Blessings to you.

    1. I have plenty of wood things in my house that are still wood, I think about painting them, but then I'm not game in case I don't like it and it would be too hard to go back! However I have no problem painting pieces I pick up at garage sales etc!

  4. What a lovely lamp base, you've done a great job with it too - I'm sure it will sell quick sticks. xx

  5. gorgeous! i love the transformation.

  6. Looks beautiful Deanne. We had one of those lamps too, and I think Mum still has it somewhere. I love what you did with the shade, just beautiful!

  7. What a great transformation! Gorgeous lamp shade!

  8. Love this remake - looks really pretty!
    Gotta love a deal like that!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change


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