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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

add a little bling to your christmas

Remember when I showed you my cute little union jack table?

 I said I would show you how to make some pretty glitter glasses of your own to add a little bling to your Christmas table.
These are so fun and easy to make- even your kids could do them!
I am making several sets as gifts this Christmas,
add a nice bottle of wine and you have a lovely pressie!

So today come with me into my little craft/ sewing room I will show you how!
To start with you need some glitter, I got mine at a cheap shop for $2 a bag, one bag goes a long way!
I have done at least half a dozen glasses, five book Christmas trees and I still have plenty left out of one bag of silver, I bought two bags and haven't even had to open the 2nd one yet!
I got several colours red, green, gold, silver, black and white.
I put them into some little round containers that I got at another cheap shop.

You will also need some glue- I used some PVA and a clean wine glass, you can find them cheaply at the op shop or use some you already own.

 Brush on the PVA glue around the base of your glass and a little up the stem, 
as you can see my able assistant doing in the photo.
You could go all the way up but then it might get in the way of where you hold the glass.

 Once the glue is on spoon over your glitter until the glue is well covered, give it a shake to get rid of any loose glitter, set aside to dry.
I usually stick mine on a tray.

 Once it is dry give it a few coats of clear spray paint.
I usually go for 3 or 4 letting it dry between each coat.
The clear gloss coats the glitter so it won't come off on your hand or when you wash it.
These hand wash fine- but I wouldn't recommend putting them in the dishwasher!

 Voila, a gorgeous glitter glass, even glams up my drink of choice water!

It is stinking hot here today and I can here the pool calling my name!
Ciao for now, I will be back tomorrow with a fantastic bargain I picked up just in time for Christmas parties.

shabby creek cottage


  1. very simple and clever! the pool sounds good.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!
    It sounds so odd to me in the middle of a white wonderland to picture someone jumping in the pool because it's " so stinking hot " lol
    And thanks for the tip on how to seal the glitter - never thought of that - I'm walking around with glitter stuck to absolutely everything!

  3. Too pretty! Love some bling on the table anytime.


  4. I love this idea.. thanks for sharing this.. I will have to make some of these !!!! Now zoom over to my blog and write down your favorite childhood christmas memory : ) Have a blessed day .. and I wish you and your beautiful family a wonderful Christmas


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