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Friday, August 31, 2012

how exciting....

I am so excited, I never well almost never win anything, but the other day I was lucky enough to win a giveaway on Lillies for Kate.
 It arrived in the mail on Wednesday in a gorgeous little Cath Kidson bag- smelling divine and when I opened the bag this is what I found.

A little chalkboard shape and two little cute clay shapes and some lovely musical bunting and a sweet note from Kate.
Oh I just adore bunting and I have been meaning to make some musical bunting for ages - now I don't have to!

So my next dilemma is where do I put the bunting?

Here on my "new" mirror or

here on my window?

hmm decisions, decisions!!

Thank you so much Kate for my gift- I so love it!


  1. you are so welcome Deanne! glad you like your pretties! LOVE the bunting hanging on the window frame! Kate x

  2. congratulaions deanne! what a sweet prize.

  3. What a fantastic win would have been such fun trying your bunting around the your tray of candles on the dressing table.


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