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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

reading room show and tell

It was ages ago that this room was finished but I never got around to posting the photos.
The lounge still needs a good scrub and I think I need to replace these cushions, I think some of them are 12 or 13 years old.
But the walls and bookshelf are done and the pictures are up- finally.
I wrote about the above picture here if you are interested in its history.

Here is a sailboat painting that B1 did a few years ago when they were going to art classes, beside my back door. 
When the door is open you can still see the the painting through the glass.

These two "wildlife" pictures are from B2 and are in the walkway into the laundry.

This is the bookshelf repainted in white gloss, I used Dulux Aquanamel
It is a water based enamel paint.

I used my labeller to organise my books better, 

even breaking my fiction books up into catagories.

This bookshelf houses my Australian books, fiction and non-fiction.
The door to the right is the back toilet and to the left leads into the laundry, which you can probably tell by the baskets spilling out into the hallway.

I am really enjoying the fresh white look with brights against it, such a change from the bright pink.

Paints: walls: Dulux Antique White USA
Bookshelves: Dulux Aquanamel gloss white

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  1. looks so bright, cmfy & organized! I envy both the fact that you ahve space for all thse lovely books & their ORGANIZATION! :) Wonderful.


  2. Wow Deanne. It looks great. I would love to curl up on that lounge with a book for an afternoon.

  3. Looks lovely and fresh Deanne:)

  4. What a beautiful reading room!! Your family is so lucky to have such a treasure! :-)

  5. It looks very clean and fresh. A pleasant place to be.

  6. I LOVE your bookshelves! I canNOT believe you even label and categorize your home library. I am sooo impressed! My dream home library! Keep up the good work. Love your blog.....came this way from abeachcottage! Love, Me

  7. What wonderful library shelves! The white looks fabulous!

  8. What a great space...your book shelves are wonderful!

  9. Hi. I found your fascinating blog at White Wednesday. I love the bookcase and books! I found myself trying to read the titles of the books. LOL! Love it. And I'm your new follower.

  10. Love the bookcases--and the labels. Wonderful.

  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! I want a book room!

    m ^..^

  12. What a beautiful room. I'm a new follower. Hope to see you at DIY Home Sweet Home. I have a link party every Monday. It would be great if you could link your projects up to the next one.

  13. the art is fantastic! Love the animals and the boat.

  14. Came through Homeschool on the Croft- and glad I did! Your header picture is absolutely wonderful!
    (If I did a blog like yours it would read: "three brothers one sister":))
    Like your room! Ours isn't as clean looking as yours...but the bookshelves look the same:0)
    Happy day to you- glad to meet you:)

  15. I love this! When can I move in????

    Sue @ Beach Bungalow


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