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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

last show and tell and market success

Here are a couple of more befores and afters and a rundown of Saturday's market stall.

(Sorry, you are going to have to put up with totally unedited photos as I can't seem to get picmonkey to work.
I don't know whether it is them or my internet but I can't get any pictures to load)

I picked this up at an op shop a while back, it is a modern piece.
Although you can't really see it in the photo the legs are a heritage green colour.

I repainted the legs grey and made my very first attempt at creating and using a water slide decal.

I was really pleased with the result.
To create the rustic effect on the top, I sanded the table back and then painted over it with a few coats of baltic pine polyurethane
She sold early on in the day on Saturday.

Remember my dilemma from last week?

 Well after lots of conflicting opinions I ended up going with my gut and painting it black.

  Although I did seriously consider painting it aqua, the problem was that I can not get an aqua spray paint and the closest I can buy is the Dulux sky blue and I was out of that colour, 
but on the other hand had plenty of black!
In the end leaving the top natural wasn't an option as if you rubbed the string the red that was the original colour would come out.

 I got this little cupboard last week at the car boot market and then starting working on it before taking a photo- opps!
Just imagine plain boring 70's timber veneer style if you will.

Someone had added a thin chipboard shelf so I disguised it with some maps like the top.

 Of course I made sure to give the map of Australia a starring role!
New knobs and a touch of aqua on the inside makes the piece.
It found a new home on Saturday too!

 This is the stall after someone had bought some of my prints, which is why the shutters look a little bare.
The shutter doors came up pretty spiffy don't you think?

 I really only had a small space down the side of a friend's stall who had a larger than average site.
But that didn't stop people from coming in and buying.
I sold out of all my prints, my bigger pieces and quite a few of my cake stands, my coasters and bunting were popular too!
I really only came home with a bare minimum of stuff.
I could have sold the step up stool several times and had a few offers while it was waiting for it's new owner to come back to pick it up.
I also could have sold my shutters- several enquiries about those as well!
I had lots of positive feedback about my items and lots of people took my cards-  I am hoping this might lead to some enquiries for custom pieces.
I was also asked if I would like a stall at another market, 
they are only after local people with unique items, nothing mass produced.
I rang them on Monday and have booked in.
I was very pleased with how it all went and have made quite a tidy profit!
I have a little break and then have several Christmas stalls coming up quite close together.

I have had to go on the hunt for some new pieces to do up to restock.
Some smaller shutters, a little birdscage, a bedhead and a mirror came home with me from the dump on Monday, as well as a few frames and some Christmas books from various op shops.
 I have generously been given several large pieces to do up and I am just waiting on VCH and B1 to get them on Friday.

Here are my lovely friends with their stall.
Thank you so much for sharing with me!

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  1. Hearty congratulation to you Deanne. This is the power of blogging, giving you the confidence to follow your dreams. So proud of you and looking forward to the next market installment.

  2. I love your booth your stuff looks great! love the map table/chest and the music sheet one peeking out from beside it... I just started doing markets in the spring, they are fun aren't they!

  3. Love the little t.v. tray! And in fact I printed out that exact image to transfer onto something ( anything - just don't know what yet lol )

  4. i like the map idea and the shutters look great!
    congratulations on all your sales.

  5. That's great Deanne. The water slide decal worked out well. Good luck with the Christmas stalls.

  6. What amazing transformations Deanne. Just love what you did with all the pieces. The shutters are lovely in their blue, and I think the stool works really well black. Well done! xx

  7. I am so glad your market time went well! I hope that means you'll be doing it again! I love seeing your transformations. Where did you find directions for the transfer technique you used? I've never seen that before. Again, I LOVE your map table, it is just my style!

  8. All your items look so fantastic Deanne!You are so creative and there would be some very satisfied customers who bought your lovely items.

  9. This blog is lovely!

    I'm co-hosting the WTFab bloghop this week and I have seen you around. Please, remember to follow all of the co-hosts there! And check out other blogs - there are so many interesting things there , and lots of inspiration for everyone! Let's appreciate each other's job!

    I'm following you now!

    Kisses from Poland! xoxo

  10. CUTE, Cute, cute!! Love the first little table and the map cupboard! :)

  11. What a great and successful experience. Good luck with preparing for the next one! x

  12. Congratulations on the market!! I've just started having a market stall too, and though it's been so nerve racking I'm loving it!

    I love the shutters - I had toyed with the idea of making some as a display before the last market but ran out of time. Yours have convinced me that they are a great idea, especially in a bright eye catching colour.

    Visiting from Scandi Coast Home and now a new follower.

  13. Sounds like a very successful venture Deanne, the start of a new micro business.


Thanks for taking the time to comment, I always appreciate your kind words.