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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Today I am after a little bit of advice.

I picked up this little woven stool at my favourite 2nd hand boutique "THE DUMP" the other day for $3.
I am unsure what to do with it.
My first idea was to paint it all black.
However a friend said she loved it as it is, 
so then I thought I would just fix the scratches on the legs.
However when I looked at it more closely I discovered that the tan woven bit was originally red.

If I paint it, it will have to be all the one colour because of the tight weave on the seat.

So what are your ideas - suggestions?
all black
fix the legs 
or something else?


  1. Hi Deanne, I really like the look of the colours in the woven about fix the legs, or paint the legs and leave the top.

  2. I can't tell if the lighter colour in the weave is white or cream but if you paint it all white you could shabby chic it.

  3. I like Carolyn's suggestion - bright aqua.

  4. i'd paint the legs white and leave the top as is or paint it all white.

  5. I'd have to agree with Cheryl - all white or legs white and leave the top :)
    Cas x

  6. i wouldn't change a thing, i like it just the way it is

  7. I love it like it is, but I think it could be cute painted black or aqua, if those colors go with your decor. It is a great stool! I love second hand stores!

  8. I'd paint that stool without a second thought. It's outdated and needs to be spruced up. I say go for it! Lisa~

  9. I'd paint it (brushed) silver and put a high gloss on it so it has the deceiving look of metal....adds another level of interest.

  10. Leave the top the way it is and paint the legs white...that's what I'd do. ;)


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