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Friday, November 2, 2012

show and tell

 As promised I am back with some more befores and afters- let's call it a little show and tell shall we?

You might remember this little desk that I got off the side of the road here
It was putrid!
The water when I washed it off was black!

 And remember this little industrial stool that I got for $2 the same day?

 Well this is how they looked after I finished with them.

I painted the metal bits with "ironbark" coloured metal spray paint.
VCH got a new piano hinge and put the top back on and I painted inside and out the lid with chalkboard paint.
The little stool got a new top and some rubber bits for it's legs.
I sat them together at my stall and they were sold to the same person very early on the day.

 Here is the sewing machine I picked up one day at a garage sale for $30
She had quite a lot of water marks on her.

The machine is a 201K from 1948.
It is a treadle machine, but apparently they also made an electric version and a hand cranked version.

This is what she looks like now!

Unfortunately she didn't sell the other day, but for the moment she is looking lovely in my living room.

Here are the stools I picked up at the dump.

This is what they look like now.

This little rusty birdcage turned into...

This cute little red and aqua number with a couple of map birds.

This little chest of drawers cost me $5 at the same garage sale as the sewing machine.

 The top veneer was damaged so some vintage music sheets came to the rescue. 

 I added some more music sheets to the drawers and crystal knobs.

The drawers were stained, 
so I added some mystery and painted them black.

I hope someone else loves her as much as I do!
I still need to fix up the black around the top edge and give her a final coat of sealer, 
but I wanted to show you her now before the day gets lost in finishing a few things off and getting organised for tomorrow's stall!

Have a good weekend!
I will be back next week with some things other than stalls and furniture makeovers I promise!

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  1. wow these are all very creative and redeemed indeed. You are going to do great at the markets. Can't wait to see how the stall goes.
    Come on over and enter my give away if you get the chance. and have a great weekend.

  2. the desk and stool look amazing! a very clever transformation.

  3. Wow Deanne, you do some amazing work! That sewing machine cabinet is beautiful!! I also love that little sheet music table, so fun!!

  4. i love the little bedside table! great idea covering the drawers with sheet music. Kate x

  5. You have done a marvellous job on each of these Deanne. With the rusty items, did you sand the rust off and coat with killrust before painting?

    Hope your stall goes well tomorrow!

    1. Basically it depends on the piece.
      I will sand or scrub the piece with a wire brush first.
      Some pieces are meant to look rustic and a little bit of rust coming through is part of the look so with those I will just paint them.
      Other pieces I use a spray paint with a rust proofer already added.

  6. As I read I would say, "That's my favorite." Then I would look and read about the next project and say the same thing. I do not think I can pick a fav. As a retired teacher I guess I will choose the school desk.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  7. You've done a great job Deanne. Love the stool and desk.

  8. Everything is amazing Deanne. Can't believe they are the same pieces! x

  9. They look so amazing. You've really given them an extreme makeover and new lease of life!

  10. Wow...Deanne! All of your rusty trash items looks fabulous now! I'm not surprised the desk and stool sold really quick! So happy to see what you've been up to lately. :)

  11. LOVE all the transformations! Great work.

  12. I came over to see your desk and stool, but love all the pieces you've turned from trash to treasure! They are beautiful.

  13. Your projects look great! I love all the stools! Very clever remakes!

    Hopped over from Met Monday! -Now following you! :)

  14. Wow, I love the stools! Great finds and they look good now.

  15. these are all amazing makeovers! i love the desk and stool set!

  16. This is wonderful and we love having you at Whimsy Wednesday! Thank you for partying with us!
    Smart! School {House}

  17. Nice makeover! Saw you link up on some blog hops. Would love it if you linked up on my blog hop and added it to your list Also let me know if you'd like to follow each other!

  18. Visiting you back from Knick of Time, Deanne. Love your before and afters, especially that darling little stand with the vintage sheet music! Thanks for sharing your creativity.

    Jeanette @

  19. I love your stools you found in the dump. It continually amazes me the things people throw away when they could either be given to someone else or redone! All your pieces are wonderful.

  20. Lovely redos! Please add me to your list of parties! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at The Blackberry Vine!


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