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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

redeemed's first outing

Here are some photos of my first stall.
I didn't get to take them until after I had sold some of my things.
A couple of things sold while I was still setting up, 
so I was getting excited, 
but then it slowed down somewhat.

 My sign that I got free from Vistaprint with my business cards etc.
They had a special on and I managed to get a few things free.

This table and the chairs that were with it sold before I had even finished setting up.
The lady took the chairs and left me the table and came back and collected the table at the end of the day.
I sold both of the spoon hooks.
VCH was surprised, as he thought no one would buy them!

 I picked up the shutters at the dump for $5 each and VCH hinged them together so I could hang things on them.
I didn't have a chance to paint them before, 
but I will paint them this week ready for Saturday's market.

 These stools got lots of comments but no-one bought them.
One lady said that the numbers were down this year and not many people were buying.
I am hoping that will be different on the weekend because people go to that particular market to buy and you often see stalls there that you never see any other time.

This is my main table you can't see it in the photo, 
but it is an old door with some old wooden trestles, 
that we rescued before they were sent to the dump!

 At the end of the markets, after I took my expenses out, 
I made just over $100.
 I was pleased with this for my first outing and a depressed market!
I actually made some more money yesterday as I sold some extra trestles I had.
So I am now $210 in profit with more to come as the lady wants the boards that went with the trestles, 
VCH has to sort them out and take them to her in his ute this week.
I will be back later in the week to show you some more of the befores and afters.


  1. congratulations on your 1st stall, it looks great! i imagine it's hard work setting up and getting there early. love the sign.

  2. Love your table set!!!
    Are you perhaps selling too low? It's really too gorgeous to have just made a 100 dollars?

  3. Good on you Deanne! Your stall looks great and I'm so excited for you :)
    Cas x

  4. Love the layout of your stall and congratulations on making a profit. Markets closer to Christmas are usually filled with buyers wanting something different to the usual chain store gifts so you'll probably be more successful at future markets. I quite like those stools :).

  5. So pleased for you that you have got off to a good start.
    Love and Blessings.

  6. Well done Deanne. The first time you do something is always a learning curve. Good luck with the next one.
    K xx

  7. Wow! Well done, I would love to do something like that but with second hand children's books! I must investigate markets in my neck of the woods! x

  8. Looks fab Deanne. You've done a very professional job for the first run! xx

  9. Congrats! It is hard to put yourself out there sometimes, you always wonder if someone will actually buy anything or if you will take it all home again! Glad everything went as well as you expected!!

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