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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

introducing redeemed

You know the exciting news I have been hinting at for a couple of weeks well......

I am branching out and taking a big step (for me anyway) and embarking on a little venture.
I have been, for months, hoarding things I have found at op shops and garage sales, 
with ideas to do them up and resell them.

During the last school holidays,
 I had a friend over and when she saw all the projects I was working on 
she offered me a part of her stall, at the best markets our town has all year!
It can be a several year waiting list to get a stall at these markets and they only happen once a year.
Naturally, I jumped at the chance!
This was just the kick start I needed!
As a trial run I am going to attend a car boot market at another once a year event the Antique and Collectables Fair.
The fair itself is held in a big pavillion at our local showground,
I saw an ad in the paper for stall holders for the car boot sale around the outside of the pavillion.

 I thought this would be an ideal testing ground for my wares and I hope to be able to sell the sewing machine I bought for $30 a couple of weeks ago and make a nice profit!
If not I would happily keep it, I know the perfect spot for it!
(I will be back with the after photo soon, just waiting on a new knob)

I have also booked into a market evening at the end of November that is a fundraiser for her children's pre-school.
I am hoping that I will be able to sell a few Christmas orientated things,
and I am hoping to also do a stall at the local Carols by Candlelight.
So four stalls over a 6 week period, just as a little jumping off point,
to see how I go and whether this is a worthwhile venture.
At this stage I can't see myself doing a monthly market,
but popping up as I have enough items to sell and also maybe doing some commissioned work.
 I have called my little business

My business card reads
(I got these from vistaprint)

{unique gifts and homewares}
where old is made new
 *custom inquiries welcome*
Deanne 66.......

and on the back I have the verse:

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, 
he is a new creation, 
the old has gone, 
the new has come!

I had been thinking for many months about starting this up and wanting to come up with a name that both reflected what I was doing as well as who I am,
redeemed came to me as the perfect name.
 I am redeeming old items and giving them a new life, just as I have been given new life!
I have finished lots of the smaller things but need to get stuck in and get the larger items finished for Saturday's car boot sale.
Some of the things I am selling include the items I showed you on Monday as well as

  cutlery herb markers,

  fork miniature picture holders,
I have also made some hooks using teaspoons and old fence palings.

 pinwheels for the kids or young at heart, made with old music sheets, maps or children's books.

 These are larger versions of the zeppelin, using up heaps of old frames I had laying around!

 These smaller ones will be sold as a set.

 Coasters made from worn books, music sheets, maps, and old ads in the local paper from 1954

 I got this block of wood at the op shop for $2 and have painted it with chalkboard paint to create a message block.

 Chalkboard placemats and coasters sold with a stick of chalk.

I have also has some of my tin roof .... rusted photos printed onto cards by redbubble
and if you would like to go over and have a look and buy any of my photos you can do so by clicking 
I also had a black and white set done.
I am not happy with one of the photos as it doesn't match the rest of the set.
I will have to talk to redbubble when I get some more done.
I am undecided on whether or not to leave it in the set or pull it out and sell it separately.
What do you think?

I have quite a few other things yet to show you, but as this is way over the 5 photo limit  
(who came up with that number anyway?) I won't go there today!
Plus some items are yet to be100%  finished.

My biggest problem is working out pricing.
Some of these things have cost me next to nothing,
but some things have taken quite a bit of time and energy to redeem.
The other thing is people are not buying like they used to and this is a struggling country town.
I want to be able to move my things and not be stuck with stock but also still make a decent profit!
Decisions, decisions!!
Still I am really excited,
 so long as I get it all organised in time!

I doubt I will be back here before next week, but you can look forward to hearing about redeemed's first outing!

scandi coast home



  1. exciting news deanne! best wishes in your new venture. i love those pin wheels!

  2. That's exciting Deanne. I thought you may have been venturing into selling your works. Redeemed is the perfect name. Hope all goes well! I presume the biggest market you refer to is the Thursday event (not the Saturday one)??

  3. What a clever name Deanne!You are one clever lady judging by the items in the photos :-) All the best in your new venture!

  4. Good luck with your new venture.....not that you'll need it as your redeemed bits & pieces are gorgeous! Rx

  5. Congratulations Deanne! I wish you all the best with your new venture :)
    Cas x

  6. Good for you! A great venture, good luck with it. I can understand the pricing issue is very tricky x

  7. Wow Deanne - you have been busy. All your things look gorgeous and I'm sure they'll sell well. Good luck with the launch xx

  8. That is exciting Deanne, and trusting it will go really well.

  9. That is so exciting and the same kind of thing I am doing down here. Oh how I wish I could be at some of the markets you have mentioned. Wishing you every success for loads of sales and a big proft. What fun!!!

  10. Good on you, that is really, really exciting. Sending my very best wishes for success.

  11. Sending blessings for your new venture. Please remember to have fun while you are doing this. Once you are hooked, you will not go back.

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  12. Good luck, Dea! I hope it all works out beautifully!

  13. cant wait to see the "after" of the sewing machine....your stuff is will do well...simple as that!!
    best wishes
    allison x

  14. Hi Deanne,
    You are sooooooooo creative.
    You have created some really beautiful things!
    Tania xx

  15. I love it all! How exciting to have an outlet for your creativity. You'll do great! Lisa~

  16. How exciting about the stall! You do have some lovely items to sell. I'll sure you'll do well at the markets.

    Love the herb cutlery!

    PS: I'd like to invite to join the Bosisto's giveaway at my blog, I have 4 lavender packs up for grabs here:

  17. You've made some really neat things! Good luck with your new venture.

  18. Good luck with your new venture. I hope it goes really well for you!

  19. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  20. I love the dragon fly and deer prints on paper lovely

  21. Some great things there! So many ideas.
    Sarah xox
    PS thanks for stopping by my blog!

  22. You are amazing and I love the way you shop! "Redeemed" is perfect!


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