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Monday, August 27, 2012

book week characters

All around the country kids in schools have book week parades where they get dresses up as characters from books.
Even though we home school we thought we would have some fun and dress up 
and read and do some activities from some of the short listed books.

The Girl dressed up as Fancy Nancy.
 I thought I had better make a fancy border around the photo, or Nancy might think I am too plain!

Big brother kindly found the feather boa and sunglasses at the shop he works at to complete her outfit.

 B5 dressed up as Mr McGee from the Pamela Allen books.
His colours are reversed from those in the book, but he still looks like the character.

B4 was Where's Wally.

A red and white striped jumper and red beanie make this outfit an easy one.
The glasses were made from a pair of the disguise glasses left over from his birthday party.

 Not to be left out, I dressed up as Pippi Longstocking.
I didn't get around to doing the stand up plaits (braids), so two piggy tails had to do.
The longs socks were bought from one of those travelling stalls in the local shopping centre.

With a little imagination and not a lot of cash it is easy to make fun kids costumes are easy and fun to create.
I mostly use stuff we already have and then add one or two accessories.

To see some of our other dress ups go:

After our activities, and the fact that they were predicting 31C (it actually only reached 29C)
We thought we would go to the beach for the afternoon.
It was lots of fun and I have some gorgeous photos to share with you.

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  1. fantastic costumes deanne! i always enjoyed the book week parade when mine were in primary school.

  2. This is such a good idea! I wish our schools would do this during spirit week! It would really encourage reading and get other kids excited about new books thier friends' read!

  3. Looking good Pippy, I mean Deanne! I love Fancy Nancy. My daughter had a great Fancy Nancy party when she turned 7. The costumes are great.

    1. A Fancy Nancy party sounds like lots of fun- you shouldn't give me ideas!

  4. Brilliant. We love Mr McGee here at the Beach House.

    I haven't heard of Fancy Nancy so must investigate. Wally cute too. And of course Pippi Longstocking. You are so energetic.

    We forgot it was on so my son who intended to go as Bear Gryll ended up being in school uniform. That will teach him to watch TV in the morning rather than getting his you know what together.


    1. We borrowed ours from the library, there is a whole series and I am sure your daughter will love them!

  5. Love your Pippi outfit Deanne and the children all look great too.

  6. oh my gosh, how cute, and how fun! you all look spot on for the characters!


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