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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

beachy blue

Last Thursday the temperature was predicted to reach 31C (87.8F)- it actually only got to 29C (84.2F)
We thought we might head to the beach for some cooling breezes.
B1 was a work, B2 and B3 elected to stay home TEENAGERS!!!!
So B4 and B5 and The Girl and I packed some food and drinks and headed off.
It was a beautiful late WINTER (yes it is still winter here in Australia) day,
but Spring comes all of a sudden and lasts about 2 weeks before we get summer temperatures!
The colour of the water was incredible, probably because it hasn't rained here in weeks,
the water was crystal clear and a gorgeous aquamarine colour.
 I couldn't resist taking some piccies to share with you.
The beach where we headed to has a river that runs parallel to the ocean for some way before curving around to go out to sea.
It's a great place to go because the kids can swim in either the river, or in a lovely little safe bay or in the ocean.

 B5 took this looking out towards the mouth of the river.

Here he has turned in the other direction looking back towards the bay on the right and the final curve of river, where the cliffs are.

The sparkles were out in full force.

After playing in and around the bay and the river, 
the kids wanted to head towards the beach for some surfing boogy boarding.

The Girl collected some shells.

We had such a fun afternoon, 
that I am thinking of heading out on a mini adventure with the little ones 
every week or so over over summer.


  1. You live in paradise too. Looks like a lovely family day, apart from the poor worker. Someone has to I guess.

  2. It's so true - teenagers staying at home and a very short spring. What a lovely afternoon. Bet the water was still cold.

    1. I personally did not touch the water, but sat and read and watched the kids play. They however don't seem to feel it KIDS!!!

  3. It looks delightful Deanne, maybe you can tell me where this beautiful spot is so we can visit one day too.....


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