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Friday, March 9, 2012

eggs for breakfast

While we were away on holidays we had some sort of eggs for breakfast everyday.
I planned our menu for the two weeks with some sort of egg based dish every day and then we had our main meal at lunch time and then a light tea with 2 snacks during the day, but we often didn't bother with the afternoon snack- a smoothie, we were too full.
The idea was to keep the children full on lots of protein so we eliminated the very annoying cry of 
"I'm hungry what can I eat?" 
that irritates me no end!
The second week was a repeat of the first.
On Monday our first day there we had bacon and eggs and home made hash browns.

 To make home made hash browns grate potato and cheese, mix together with a little salt and pepper and cook in a little oil in a fry pan.

 try not to burn them like B1 did this morning when cooking breakfast!

Tuesday was omelettes with cheese, tomato and ham.
Wednesday was fried tomato, onion and mushrooms served with eggs.

Thursday we had soft boiled eggs with roasted vegetable sticks- we like this for lunch as well.

Friday was eggs el ranchos.
This is a family favourite, tomato, capsicum and onion cooked together with some taco sauce, served with avocado, sour cream and a fried egg and more taco sauce, we used to serve this with a tortilla when we still ate wheat but it is just as nice without.

Saturday was Bacon and egg muffins made with our grain free bread rolls
Sunday was scrambled eggs with grilled tomato.

These were all grain free and very yummy.

Some other ideas for breakfast you may like to try are:

Bacon and egg muffins recipe here

Scotch eggs found here

Eggs for breakfast need not be boring and can provide a filling start to any day.
Do you have any favourite ways to serve eggs for breakfast?


  1. Ooh I love me some bacon and egg muffins!
    Cas x

  2. Eggs el ranchos look interesting, I keep that one in mind. We often have eggs for dinner or lunch on the weekend, Indian omelette is a favourite with several, cheese and spinach omelette with others.

    1. Eggs are really versatile, we like the boiled eggs and vege sticks for lunch and often have bacon and egg muffins or scotch eggs for tea with salad.

  3. Hey again Deanne :) Just wanted to let you know I've passed on a Liebster blog award to you. Just pop over to my blog to check it out. Have a good weekend :)
    Cas x

  4. Indian Omlette....
    Lots of eggs, some finely chopped/grated fresh ginger, a little finely sliced green chilli, diced fresh tomato, finely chopped onion, some desicated coconut, roughly cut coriander leaves and a pinch of salt. Fry over fairly high heat. You see a lot of it (or variations there of) being quickly cooked at train stations in India and by street sellers.

    Mini (from India) taught us her recipe (above) while they were with us a couple of years ago.

    We have just tried eggs el rancho for dinner after their cricket game, it was well liked.

    1. This sounds like something my guys would like, I will try it soon. Glad you liked the el rancho, you can also add grated cheese to the top and grill it, but it becomes a bit of a nightmare with lots of plates!


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