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Friday, March 9, 2012

fluffballs 1,2,3,4 & 5

 Here are the kittens, they are now three weeks old.
 Their eyes are open.
While I knew kittens were born with their eyes closed,
I had no idea that they only crawled around that they can't walk yet.
I had now idea about a lot of things- very naive when it comes to baby kittens,
they are much more dependent that baby sheep or goats!

This one has been nicknamed Mini-me because it looks just like Maggie.
 They crawl around the box all over the top of each other and make tiny little mewing noises
There is a grey tabby like the dad, a white one, a black and white one like Maggie and two are a mixture of their mum and dad and look very similar- we call them the twins even though they were born number 3 and 5.

This one has been nicknamed Snowbell after the white cat in Stuart Little.
This is the cat the kids want to keep, but we have told them they can only keep it if it's a female.
We haven't yet worked out how to sex them with any certainty.
We are thinking we might have to take photos so we can study them up close for a long period without upsetting the kittens and compare them to the photos we got off the internet.

This one has been nicknamed "Grey"- original isn't it!

Here is one of the twins - it is not easy to take photos of these little guys, they don't smile when you tell them or look the right way- a bit like babies I suppose!

I don't think it will be long before they are strong enough and big enough to climb out of their box!


  1. They are so precious. I remember when my PJ and Girl were this small. Their mother use to own me, til she passed a few years ago. She was a stray that chose our family. It took her a few weeks to even let me pet her on the porch, little did i know she was gonna have babies...Little kittens are the most precious PJ passed in May, he was 10.......Girl and i miss him still..sorry for rambling on so much, but when i saw ur kitties, i had to say hi. TGIF............Bonnie

  2. So totally adorable! I wish they stayed this size!!

  3. oh my goodness they are SOOOO cute!


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