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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

happy 15th birthday

Happy Birthday to our beautiful 2nd son who is celebrating his 15th birthday today.
It seems like only yesterday that we became a family of 4 with your arrival, 
now we have doubled in size and you are one of my big boys that I rely on so much.
Thank you for being such a good big brother and a hard worker and for all you do.
I know if I ask you to do a job it will be done properly and to a very high standard.
We are proud of how you have taken to piano and how well you are playing in such a short period of time.
We are proud of how hard you work at your schoolwork.
We are proud of the great sportsmanship you show and of the good job you do when refereeing soccer.
At 15 we can see the man you will one day become starting to emerge, 
keep on the right path and the Lord will guide you in all you do
Love always 
Mum and Dad

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