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Saturday, March 3, 2012

this week...

...VCH reluctantly headed back to work after a month long holiday and 
we officially started our home school year.

The little ones have been learning their sounds and this week we did ch, sh and th
We discovered that lots of food starts with "ch".
So we thought we would have a "ch" meal.

We had Chicken and Chips for tea (chips is what we call fries in Australia)
The chips were made with sweet potato and served with a salad with cheese.

 Then for dessert we had chocolate cheesecake- this yummy version is grain-free and refined sugar free and was very very yummy- I promise to share the recipe soon!

 B3 officially started high school and as part of his science he had to do an experiment that involved a maze and a blindfold. 
The maze was made with anything he could find around the house and yard.

 The little ones had lots of fun being his guinea pigs.

photo courtesy of The Girl
 My two younger boys can be rather difficult to keep motivated- they would much rather be outside playing!
In a moment of inspiration I came up with the Golden Hat Award.
The three younger ones get points for doing their jobs and being ready for work on time, for completing all their tasks, for working hard and participating, for being kind and for speaking nicely etc.
At the end of the school day the child with the most points gets awarded the golden hat and they get to wear it the next day during school time.
It is working like a charm, they are all motivated and competition is fierce!

photo courtesy of B5
We have been waiting to get this car for 8 months but finally after some persistence, we were able to pick up this car.
It is a little manual  Hyundai Excel.
It will be for B1 and eventually B2 and down, to learn to drive in and to drive when they first get their licence.

I have been busy decluttering this week and have cleaned up and reorganised the little kids bookshelf/storage unit for their schoolwork, the craft cupboard, my supplies cupboard and half of the bookshelf- even unearthing a library book that we thought we had returned!

Back next week with some great recipes and menu ideas and to share what we are doing this year.

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