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Saturday, March 5, 2011

bacon and egg muffins

We had these for tea (dinner in Australia is called tea) the other night and they were lovely.
They are bacon and egg muffins and I got the recipe from here
It is a breakfast recipe but I adapted it to a main meal by serving it with salad and sweet potato hash browns.
I made these in my smaller muffin pans which meant I made 18, but you could use Texas muffin tins and make bigger ones.
These are super easy and super yummy.

Bacon and egg muffins
10 eggs
Put bacon in the base of a muffin tin, put finely chopped onion and capsicum on top of bacon. 
Whisk eggs and pour into tins.
Cook at 180C for 20-30 minutes (depends on size of tin) until egg is set.
You can sprinkle a little grated cheese on it at this stage if you wish.
Leftovers can be reheated or you can eat cold. 
I had the two leftovers for breakfast the next day and they were still very yummy.

Sweet potato hash browns
Grate 3 sweet potatoes, add two eggs, salt and pepper and mix, fry in a little olive oil until brown on both sides.

For a main meal add salad or serve for breakfast

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