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Saturday, January 14, 2012

easy yummy grain free buns

Following on from yesterday's post about eating gluten free, I have a new recipe to share.
Some people find that eating gluten free is not enough to get their health back on track, some people have to take it a step further and become completely grain free.
While I haven't personally felt the need to go down this track I do get concerned that a lot of GF things use rice and corn as substitute grains.
Although you don't really hear a lot about people reacting to rice (although I do know some people who are intolerant) more and more you hear about people reacting to corn. 
Now I figure that people are becoming intolerant to wheat because it is the main grain in our western diets, so if we substitute it for another grain, could it be that we will also become sensitive to that grain as well?
So as I am now quite comfortable eating gluten free and because this year our whole family- for the moment anyway is cutting out gluten and sugar, and as some of those family members were quite reliant on bread to snack on, they are feeling a little lost in this new eating regime, so I am exploring some options for these people as well as exploring some recipes using grain free flours.
 I came across some great recipes on this site that I thought I might try.
Fabulously this is an Australian site which means that the ingredients Janelle uses will be available to Australians.
Sometimes I have found some great recipes on overseas blogs or websites only to find it virtually impossible to source some of the ingredients.

Anyway after my ramble you are probably wanting to get to the recipe.
I used this recipe for Grain Free White Bread Rolls
Let me say these are super easy and everyone in the family liked them.

 Now a word of warning if you have yet to make GF bread of any description, it is quite different to cooking with wheat that has gluten in it.
Your mixture needs to be quite runny.
With this recipe you literally put spoonfuls onto the tray.
I sprinkled some sesame seeds over the top, because to me a bun is not a bun without sesame seeds on top.

 Janelle states that they are great to go with soup.
Seeing it is summer and the last thing on the menu is soup we tried them with salad.
 Everyone - even VCH liked them and a request has been made for some more to be baked for a fishing trip tomorrow!

I tried them toasted with cheese and tomato, yummy!
The beauty of this recipe is that as it doesn't use yeast, you can mix and bake and eat quite quickly.

It has been slightly cooler today so I have spent the morning cooking up some GF treats.
Stay tuned.
I will have a few more things to share with you in the next few days.


  1. They look delicious Deanne. We mad some little cakes with arrowroot while studying Brazil. Arrowroot/tapioca has a very high GI (spikes blood sugar) but would be a nice change for those going grain free.

    1. Hi Karen,
      While tapioca does have a high GI it actually comes out lower when compared to 2 slices of wholemeal bread, a baked potato, mashed potato or even pumpkin.
      So like all things we eat moderation is the key here.

  2. Oh these look wonderful have to try them. Hope you have a lovely day so nice to catch up again my friend.

    Always Wendy

  3. Thanks Deanne! One of the ladies on a forum I frequent needs gluten free food and has a few other allergies but is finding it difficult to access quick easy recipes as she has a busy lifestyle at the moment. I'll pass the links on and hope they are of use to her.

  4. Eating gluten free can be difficult to do...I'm supposed to be off both that and lactose but I've definitely fallen off the band wagon. But I love your previous post too with all the delicious looking options and am inspired so thank you xx


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