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Friday, June 10, 2011

you know you are homeschooling when....

.... everything stops so that roadworks may be studied in detail!!

Remember way back when I posted about them coming to widen the road out the front of our house?
That was on the 11th April.
Then after Easter they came back and worked on it some more and gave us a new mail box that was on the 6th May.
Well yesterday -that would be the 9th June- 2 months after this started, two months of my house being completely coated in dust, they came and put down the bitumen.

The students studying road works procedure!

Judah however wanted to round up the equipment as all good border collies must.

The roller flattening it.

These children are studying for their Masters in roadworks!

Thankfully today is housework day, lots of dusting will be in order!!!

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  1. Nothing like studying on the job!
    You can dust with a sense of relief today Deanne,


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