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Friday, May 6, 2011

new mail box

Do you remember ages ago I showed you some pictures of the road works out the front?
Well one day while they were out there they happened to have a little crash into our mail box
and broke some of it. 

This is what it looked like after I gave it a little makeover last year.
It was here when we bought the house and while we have thought about replacing it, it was never a priority, although VCH is still cross with me that I vetoed his plans to use our old toilet to make an new mail box and while you do come across some pretty unusual mail boxes here in rural Australia, I thought a toilet was a bit extreme!

A few weeks down they are still in the process of doing the road and we patiently wait for them to be finished and the bitumen to go down.

The other day the council very kindly gave us a new mail box.
It was very nice of them, it even has our surname on one side, probably because we know one of the workers.
Whether it stays on the other side of the road once they finish the road works is still to be decided, when I actually get to speak to our mailman about it and we decide whether it is still safest for him to have it on this side of the road, though obviously not safest for our children who have to cross the road to collect the mail.

As a side note things have certainly slowed down on the boys bungalow since VCH has been back at work.
Last weekend he gyprocked the hall and started building B3's bed, this weekend he hopes to start on the ceilings.

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  1. The question is; is it big enough for all those book packages?


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