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Saturday, May 7, 2011

sorting clothes

We are very fortunate to get lots of hand me downs for The Girl from relatives and friends, these usually arrive in black garbage bags.
I had been procrastinating and had several bags in my dining room waiting to be sorted through.
So one day I thought I should finally do it.
First I went through the bags and put any clothes I didn't want to keep into a garbage bag for the op shop and while I was sorting placed the clothes into piles according to their size.

I then got the boys to get the storage boxes out that are labelled for each size and sometimes summer and winter depending on how many I have in that size.
The only problem was that when I tried to put them into the boxes I realised I had a problem - I had way too many clothes.

I ended up with this feline helper along the way!

 So I had to go through the clothes in each size and sort them into piles, jumpers, t-shirts, jeans, dresses etc.
 Then from there I needed to decide how many things in each category she needed and cull.

I ended up with all these bags to share with a friend, who is then passing on what she doesn't need to other friends.
In these bags are girls clothes sized 4, 5 and 6.
I also ended up with another bag full for the op shop.

While I was sorting out I came across this pyjama top that used to be mine.
My mum used to sew all my clothes.

Look at the detail on this and I only used to wear it to bed!
Far more patience than me, but sewing was her life's passion.

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  1. Overwhelming amount! How precious to find something made by your mum{}


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