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Monday, May 9, 2011

mothers day

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day
I was thoroughly spoilt with croissants for breakfast and a picnic in the park paddock for lunch.

VCH and I went to town to get a few things including a new dryer, our dryer has lasted 14 years and while it is still going, just, it has also for a number of years been without a timer which means that we are constantly having to check it or it stops and things sit there not dry and end up smelly and basically it is a pain in the neck. 
While it might be more environmentally friendly to hang everything on the line, which we do the majority of the time, it also rains a lot where we live and with 8 people living here there is no way we can hope to get away without a dryer.
So as Harvey Norman (major electrical and furniture retailer) was having a sale VCH and I thought we would go and check it out and came home with a 6kg dryer- much more sensible for our size family than our previous 3kg model.
We also brought home a hot chook and some coleslaw to go with some yummy bread rolls.
While we were gone, unbeknown to me, VCH had the children set up a table and chairs in the back paddock.

We had a lovely lunch before VCH and the boys got back to gyprocking the ceilings in the Boy's Bungalow.
It's done now and waiting the cornices and plastering, I'll take some photos and update everyone soon.


  1. What a lovely Mother's Day you had Deanne. VCH shows a lot of initiative, that's a great gift too. Enjoy your new dryer!

  2. How fun! I can't wait to see the finished building. I hope you had a happy mum's day (see, I speak Australian now). :) Lisa~


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