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Monday, May 9, 2011

beach saturday mission.

Sarah over at A Beach Cottage has been issuing Saturday Club missions for a number of weeks.
This week's mission was to go look at, try on and purchase some jewellery.

Now I go through periods of wanting to wear jewellery and periods where it is all too much bother.
I think I am coming into a jewellery phase again, I think this tends to coincide with winter too, as it is just too hot to bother with jewells in summer.
I realised while I was away on my girly weekend that my jewellery state was looking pretty sad.
B1 used to make and sell jewellery for a hobby, so whenever I wanted something to match something I owned I would just put a request in.
If something broke he could just fix it for me, I lost several necklaces when a little girl kept pulling them and I am still a couple of years later waiting for them to be fixed since jewellery is not a priority in his life anymore.
So anyway after soccer finished I headed to the local shopping centre for some bread and while the kids were finishing their lunch and B2 took them to the car I ducked into a couple of shops and had a little look see.
I went back to the first shop and purchased a couple of things.
Sarah also suggested sitting down for a coffee and having a perusal  of said purchases, well as the children were by now well and truly in the car I thought I would take my stuff home and play instead.

This little necklace and earrings came together as a set.
The longer necklace that you can just see in the top photo was a garage sale buy last weekend for $1.

Then I bought a couple of bracelets - the two on the outside, the one on the inside I bought when I was away on my girly weekend.

I decided to play dress ups, I bought this little black winter knit dress when I was away and the scarf too.
I had to get one of the children to take photos. 
First I tried B2 but he just got annoyed with me when I said make sure I looked nice, so I ended up persuading B3 to take some photos. 
I wanted to go back and do some with my boots on as well, but patience was running out and The Pacifier and Vin Diesel held more appeal than Mum being silly, oh for a teenage girl!

 To change the look I swapped out the scarf and handbag.

And this is with my red wool wrap, an op shop purchase a couple of winters ago, although it of course hides all the jewells.

I bought this cute little bracelet on my weekend away too, but by the time I got to the pink and black look together I had well and truly lost my photographer(s) and the self portraits are not very nice.

So there you have it another Saturday Beach Club Mission Complete, over and out.

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  1. Oooh, I LOVE jewelry! You look so gorgeous in that red scarf. I am so glad you got a girly weekend. We all need those once in a while. Lisa~

  2. oooh well done for completing the what you came up with!


  3. Well done and I'm so glad you played dress-ups!


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