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Thursday, April 28, 2011

big weekend with the girls

Finally here is the post from my weekend away with my girlfriends from High School, we were actually missing three from the group who couldn't make it, but seven of us descended on the Gold Coast for the weekend, I am sure they never knew what hit them!

 These girls I have known for many years, some since early childhood others since high school, some I still see fairly regularly, others I haven't seen for a number of years.
We had a fabulous weekend, with lots of laughs over old times, catching each other up on our lives, loves and children and making lots of fun new memories.

This is the view from our room down to the outdoor pool and spa, there was also an indoor pool and spa.
We stayed in two three bedroom apartments at the Meriton in Broadbeach.

Here is a rainbow framed by one of the skyscrapers late one afternoon.
We had good weather, just a couple of sprinkles of rain unlike at home where it was pouring, though nothing could have dampened our spirits.

Someone thought this would be a good idea, this is when we were all dolled up for a Saturday night on the town.

This is us having dinner before going out dancing.


This is my oldest friend, we have known each other since babies and went to each others birthday parties and such even though we didn't go to the same school until High School.

This is when we went out dancing at a nightclub call Howl at the Moon, it was totally cool with two grand pianos playing and lots of music from "our era".

On Sunday morning before we left we went to Max Brenner's Chocolate shop.
We shared a fondue and had hot chocolate.
I want to go back so I can try lots of their other yummy chocolate treats.

We are determined not to let seven years go before getting together again so have decide do make this a biannual reunion!

I came home very tied after a couple of late nights and busy weekend and my wonderful VCH took all the children off to play golf on Monday Morning after looking after them all weekend so I could have a sleep in- What a Guy!!!

PS This is the most photos you will actually see of me on my blog because I am usually the one behind the camera and really you came to see the five brothers, one sister and the VCH and not me anyway!

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