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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

easter feasting

I thought I might share some of the table settings and food we shared over the Easter weekend.

This is our table set for Passover,

I set the table very simply with a white cloth and beige placemats, white plates and the cutlery in a white napkin.

These are the containers waiting for the sedar condiments, flat bread, horseradish, haroset (mixture of apples, nuts and honey), parsley and salt water, and the gravy jug.
I made my usual lamb and roast vegetables.
We talk about each of the elements from the Passover and  what they meant to the Israelites' and why and then read the Last Supper from the Bible, it was lovely this year as we asked the older boys to take turns reading.

On Good Friday we make Hot Cross Buns and enjoy what I call munch, a combination of morning tea and lunch with Hot Chocolate.
B4 made me the cross and the wreath is representing the crown of thorns, the sack cloth (burlap) is for mourning.

 Egg sandwiches, salmon sandwiches, cake, dip and biscuits and 

fresh home made Hot Cross Buns, click on photo to link to recipe.

The family waiting to read the story of the Crucifixion from the Bible.

For tea we ate fish, homemade chips, salad and homemade tartare sauce.
The fish was sweep, an ocean fish caught locally (bought from the local seafood shop), I dusted them in flour with lemon pepper and fried them in a little bit of oil.

Easter Sunday after our Easter Egg hunt we have boiled eggs in our special egg cups before heading to Church.

In this basket are some things representing the Resurrection.
We have stone candy - for the stone over the tomb, 
a toy lamb - Jesus was the Lamb of God
an empty plastic Easter Egg- for the empty tomb
coins for the 30 pieces of silver Judas recieved
Jelly beans the colours represent our life in Christ
 black- our sin
red - the blood of Jesus
white-new life in Jesus
yellow- streets of gold in heaven
green- growth in Jesus
orange- prayer
purple- sorrow for our wrong doing
pink- promises of tomorrow
blue- holy spirit sent to guide us

and a book on the Easter Story

Everyone got a little Easter Bilby on their plate.

After church and visiting VCH's family to give out gifts we came home and ate chicken drumsticks, potato salad and coleslaw with some yummy garlic and olive oil sourdough bread and homemade butter (courtesy of Jamie Oliver 30 minute meals) eaten casually on our veranda.

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