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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ceilings in

Just a few snapshots to show you where we are up to with the Boy's Bungalow.

This is the base of B3's bed.
It will have two bookshelves on either end facing in towards the bed and three drawers underneath.

This is the desk that I picked up for B3 at a garage sale for $10, just what he ordered with a shelf on top, we will probably take out the CD rack and add a shelf instead.
This is at a bit of a weird angle because there were two pieces of gyprock in the doorway so I couldn't get into the room to take the photo.

 Here is the ceiling in B3's room we are now waiting on the cornices to go in and then we can finish painting and do the floor.
 This is the bathroom ceiling.

This is the ceiling in the living/games area.
We borrowed the gyprock lifter from friends.

Here is VCH finishing off the gyprocking, ready for sanding and painting in the toilet.

This is looking from the bathroom out to the hallway.
The timber was just there temporarily to hold up the ceiling while the glue dries.
The toilet is to the left of this.

VCH was going to spend last night doing some more plastering and had even bought himself a work light to help him, but he came home from work with a sore foot and couldn't even stand up, so he was rather cross that he couldn't work.

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  1. Moving along very fast, looking great

  2. Glad to see everything is coming along great with your boys bungalow! Thanks for taking the time to link to Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.


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