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Monday, May 16, 2011

bedroom nearly finished

Just a quick update on the Boy's Bungalow,
VCH made and installed the bookcases for B3's bed.

 B1 and VCH installing the bookcase.
There will be drawers underneath but VCH is procrastinating about them, but seeing as he has so much else to do they can wait.

 This shows one side...

 and this the other.

This is how it looks with both sides in the photo as best I can get it.
B2 and B3's job is to paint this with aquanamel during the week.

 The cornices are done

and it has had one coat of paint.

So between coats VCH has started installing gyprock in the games room.

This looks up towards the hallway where B3's bedroom will be and the shower room and toilet.
Some of the framework on the right side will come out to make the main doorway into the bungalow.
But the doorway is a bone of contention at the moment, what I want is rather expensive and VCH wants me to change my mind and find something cheaper only I think we will regret it if we do,so we are sort of stuck at the moment.

We bought the flooring for B3's room this will also be the same flooring used in the hallway and the games room and VCH should be able to install it once the painting is complete. 
Hopefully the painting will be finished and the floor go in this week and B3 should be able to move in before the weekend.


  1. Looking very good. B3 must be very excited. I love his book shelves....maybe we need some like that.

  2. Wow! You guys are getting a lot done on these rooms! I love the shelves and the bed. Looks great! Lisa~


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