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Monday, May 23, 2011

b3's new room reveal

This is very exciting, I am finally able to reveal B3's new room.
He is so excited and just loves it.
It's his own little oasis, in the midst of building rubble everywhere, but it's done and he has moved in.

This is his room with all the flooring down and painting done. 
The drawers will be done at a later date, but for the moment they are still good for storage. 
The floor colour is Malibu Maple, it's a wood laminate and is super easy to put in and very tough.
Here are his bookshelves decorated with his things, they add bright pops of colour into an otherwise neutral room.
I picked up the a-z bookends at K-mart, the globe is a vintage find off eBay.

Here I used some parts of an old pentominoes set to add interest and colour to an otherwise empty shelf, I am sure over time he will add other things to these shelves.

A metal bucket is a great spot for his pyjamas.

This is his main picture, that the room revolves around.
He had the choice of this one or one of London with a red bus, he chose the bus instead for his clock.
He has a bit of an eclectic world travel thing going on.

 This is his bed, with the bookshelves either side and the window behind it is like a cosy window seat.
The bedspread is a chenille one I got off eBay.
Working with the colours of his cushions I went for a black and two cappuccino coloured pillow cases.

These cushions I picked up at Target on special, a thick red corduroy, a bus sign with the Australian Capital cities and the French post card one, which I actually bought for me but when he saw it he really wanted it for his room, so being the kind Mum I am, I let him have it.
I haven't put anything on his window at his request, I would like to make some bunting to string across but he won't let me, there will eventually be a carport outside the window so that will cut down on the amount of light that comes in.

His unicycle.
B2 and B3 found this in a council clean up while we were on holidays last year.
They are still learning to ride it.
(the electric cord and wire from the wall reveals that the electrician still needs to come and do the final wiring up, he is coming at the end of the week)

His $10 garage sale desk, I sure this will soon be filled with paraphernalia.
I thought it would be fun to paint it with chalkboard paint but B3 vetoed the idea- oh well I did try!

This is his chest of drawers, I like using his own things for display, in this case a pair of boots and his favourite hat.
The paintings he did when he was younger and involved with the art club, like his big brothers.
I am going to paint the frame of the kangaroo sketch in black, they may yet be hung on the wall.

This old suitcase under the bed houses his shoes, I wanted to use another one for his dirty clothes, but again B3 vetoed this idea.

B3 loving his new room, sound asleep.

So that's it, his room, I am sure it will be evolving for some time yet, but I think it gives him room to grow, and it is nice to see him so happy, not having to put up with his messy little brothers!

To see the progress of B3's room from start to finish click here:
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  1. What a gorgeous room. I love the pillows. Thanks so much for joining my newbie party. Please add my link or button as well to your post so that other newbies can find the party. Thank you.

  2. You did a wonderful job. It really came out nice. I love B3s artwork. That boy has great design style. I am impressed with the world travel theme and that he liked the french postcard pillow.

  3. I love the pillows on his bed- they look really great with the Statue of Liberty picture! His favorite hat is very stylish!! I'm visiting you from Debbie's newbie party. ~ Yvonne

  4. Love the pillows! I'm sure your son loves his room, too!

  5. The room looks great! I love the shelf and how organized it looks. My boys room is horribly messy right now. You've inspired me to get in there and fix it up! I'm visiting from Debbiedoos and am now following you.


  6. The room looks great. Love the flooring.

  7. awesome Deanne! It turned out great, what a nice little oasis for a boy! And what a nice mommy to give up her pretty pillow!

  8. This is so cute! I love the bed under the window. What a great room!

  9. Great room! I'm sure he's going to absolutely love it!

  10. So pleased for you B3, such a beautiful room to dream and weave happy stories.

  11. What a great room, bet B3 is really happy about it! Love the suitcase under the bed.

  12. wow. Deanne it looks great. I think you should be an interior designer.

  13. I love the postcard pillow! I am following you!Come visit me!

  14. hi there! This is excellent! I just came over from BC, we are right next to each other- i also revealed my boys room... but he is only 2 so it's got a different vibe ;)

    xo em

  15. what a great room! It's nice and bright. Thanks for visiting our blog.

  16. Love the room and the travel theme. Target is fantastic for homewares isnt it I'm always coming out with bits and pieces every time I go there! Amd the Suitcase for laundry is a great idea ... I'm sure he'll come around ;)
    Popping in from Wow us Wednesdays

  17. I love this room. What an international child!

  18. It's gorgeous! You have a lovely blog here :)

    Love and luck!

  19. What a cute room - I want the pillows! I sure haven't seen those at Target in the states. Hugs, Kim

  20. Great job on the tween boy room! Would love for you to stop by and share it at the Tuesday To Do Party!



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