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Monday, April 11, 2011

finished shed and next stage of project

I realised that I haven't taken any photos to show you the finished shed with all the stuff moved in and organised.

This is the front of the new shed, at the side you can see the old garage all opened up and the floor is down for the new rooms (I'll show you a picture of this later).
In front of this shed will be a carport where VCH can spread out to do any big projects.

On the left of the door are long shelves holding tool and other shed paraphernalia
This at the end of the shelves with the paint etc.

Looking along the back and the right hand side are ladders, tent poles and other long things, B5's work bench and VCH's contemplation chair.
The rest of the right hand side is taken up with his work bench and tools etc.
Notice the golf clubs in the corner of the photo - they are the old ones that the kids play with, VCH's actual set have to be kept in our WIR, because we wouldn't want them to be all cold and lonely in the shed now would we???
So ends the little tour of the shed.
Now onto part two of the building project.
 The frame for the floor

I was sure I took a photo of the joists yesterday, but mustn't have - so here is the floor base going down.

Now they are building the wall frames - thankful for our large under cover area because it has started to rain.

 The floor covered- even though its supposed to be weather proof

One frame down two to go.

In the meantime this is what the road at the front of the house looks like.
The powers that be have decided to widen the road.

 They have now decided that they need to make us a new driveway so that it matches up to the road.

Thankfully we had no plans for going to town today!

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  1. Lots of action at your place today! Hope the road ends up being an improvement and survives the rain.


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