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Monday, April 11, 2011

saturday club mission roundup

Why have I taken photos of my shoes one may ask?
Well these are my favourite summer sandals with ruffles.
I would love it if they made these in red- I love red shoes!
However, since they don't I will just have to love my black pair.
Now the real reason why I took this photo was because Sarah at A Beach Cottage is having a Saturday Club and asks the members to go and do a fun activity on a Saturday preferably wearing something with ruffles and as these are the only ruffles in my summer wardrobe they are what I wore.
The first week was to: go to your favourite coffee shop and have your favourite beverage and do a bit of relaxing.
 I ended up at Gloria Jeans and decided on an Iced Coffee as it was too hot for a hot drink. 
It was lovely to take those few minutes to indulge myself and of course I wore my ruffled shoes.
I then went shopping for a teen party at our house, but those few minutes were luxury!

The second week: was to go out and indulge in smells and maybe buy something nice lotions or potions to put on your skin.
I had Saturday at home (minus husband and kids off doing soccer in the morning)- a rare luxury - so you could say I stayed at home to smell the roses, although I don't have any roses
 I used to have some roses but we used to own some goats and they would get out and eat all the roses and it got to the point that the poor little rose bushes had had enough of those goats and just up and died, so I don't have any roses and even though we no longer have any of those naughty goats I haven't replaced them- maybe that will be a winter job!
However, next time I went into town I took a couple of minutes to smell some lovely scented soaps, I think my favourite was Cardamon and Vanilla.

Now we are up to week three: this week was to indulge in a favourite food that you normally don't.
Well this weekend was perfect, we were off to a baptism and I new that afterward I would be able to indulge in my favourite dessert PAVLOVA, I knew I could indulge in it because I was making it to take.
I love pavlova, but VCH doesn't so I only get to make it to take to parties or if we have lots of people over. VCH's favourite dessert is cheesecake so I usually make that instead, and while I do like cheesecake it's not my absolute favourite, but would probably come in second along with a good mudcake.

So any way while we were at this sweet boys baptismal party I got to indulge in some yummy pavlova and some yummy  cheesecake as well.
I took the photo above before I left home with it, it was perfect, all lovely and crisp on the outside and fluffy,  on the inside. 
I was going to take a photo of the pavlova before I served it topped with whipped Vienna cream and fruit but in the excitement of the party I forgot.
I am not sure what this week's Saturday Club will be but I will be having a weekend long Saturday Club with some of my school friends.
We are having a reunion on the Gold Coast.
Seven of us are converging on the Meriton at Broadbeach minus husbands and kids for lots of indulging, catching up,and  reminiscing about old times- it's been seven years since we were all together.
We will leave on Sunday with sore throats from too much talking and sore bellies from too much laughing!

To read how Sarah's mission went click on the button above.

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