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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

walls go up

The progress being made on our little cottage is amazing!
Always one for alliteration I have nicknamed it the Boys Bungalow.

Yesterday the wall frames went up.
Someone is excited about his new room!

Late yesterday afternoon VCH started on the roof trusses.
We have to do them a little different from how trusses are made these days because he has to get the same angle as the existing garage and the way modern trusses are made just wouldn't have given him the correct angles with enough stability- I know it sounds complicated and weird but we were trying to work out different options to make them and this was the best way.

 So today should hopefully see the roof frames done and hopefully, fingers crossed the tin go on.
Our priority is to get B3's room done and then we will work on the bathroom, we have managed to design it so that we have a separate toilet with sink and then a shower room with a sink and hopefully connecting it to the septic won't be too much of a drama.
We are getting really excited here but I need to give myself a bit of a reality check every so often that while the outside can be quick the inside always takes ages!!

In the meantime work continues on the road out front and we now have a new driveway.
 I had to race out of the house just after 7am yesterday before they started work to head to Bunnings (large hardware store) for a few things before they ripped up the driveway. 
As it was I had to park the car way down the road when I came back.

 Thankfully they fixed it all up so VCH could get the roofing gear in the afternoon.
They told us the other day that they wouldn't put the bitumen on until the week after Easter.
I am so proud of my VCH


  1. You have every reason to be very proud of your VVCH. How amazing to have new rooms go up like that!

  2. Came here from, very interesting to see your house. I hope to be able to tackle something like that some day as well, but the size of the project kind of scares me.

    Look forward to see how it ends up.

  3. It is so satisfying watching a building progress, especially if it is one that is going to make your life easier! It does look real once the walls are up. Good luck.


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