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Thursday, April 14, 2011

roof on

Are you getting sick of the building posts?
Sorry if you are but to our family they are very exciting and one of the reasons I started this blog was to be a journal of our family life.
So here is the roof in all it's glory.

 This board was used to hold the top beam in place until the trusses went in,
there was a trip to the hardware store when the drill died 5 screws from the end.

Trusses on and roof going on.
Here it is late yesterday afternoon, they ran out of screws (who would have thought they would use more than 150?) and couldn't put the ridge cap on, so I will be headed to the hardware store later.

this is the side, notice the piece of timber up there. its not permanent but was put there for safety after B1 slipped and cut his hand when he grabbed the top of the tin to stop himself sliding off, but as I said to him, better a cut finger than some broken bones.

Here you can see the side, the little window hole on the right is where the toilet will go, we had to place it there because we need to be able to run it an an angle into the septic.

Here are the arty shots I took from inside yesterday afternoon.

Today VCH is working on the wall frames for B3's bed room and he will start cladding the outside walls.
We ended up deciding to go with fibro for the walls as the rest of the building is in fibro, we did debate using colorbond (coloured corrugated tin) or using the same cladding as the house, but ended up deciding that this was the best option for the bungalow.

I have been working on a project with the windows for the toilet and bathroom and will do a separate post about it later.


  1. Keep the updates coming! As you say, you blog to keep a record for your family and it's inspiring to watch- so much action!

  2. I Love seeing the progress in building..... Your Blog is Perfect!


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