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Sunday, August 22, 2010

mailbox makeover

A few weeks ago I painted my letterbox red
and of course in my haste forgot to take a before pic.
It is a recycled plastic drum made by a previous owner and it was white but most of the paint had worn off and you could see the black plastic underneath.

This is what it looked like after.

So I added these
They are MDF numbers spray painted silver and then sealed, they don't look quite silver in the photo.

Our letter box is actually across the road from our house and this is what it looks like from our front gate, but this is actually the back of the letter box...

....this is the front where the mail man puts in the letters.
There is our house in the background and you can see the road that needs to be crossed to collect the mail.
B1 and The Girl do this every day.

I am also in the process of transforming a room in my house from drab to fab, but as it is not quite finished, so I am holding it over until next week to post about, but in the meantime here is a teaser.
Can you guess the theme of the room?

This was in my 2nd toilet but as you can see it is missing a couple of kids.

Aahh! that's better!

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