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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

clothes organisiation for the girl

The other day I waded through the piles of clothes to get to my daughter's wardrobe to sort out her clothes.
It is now winter in Australia so it was time that most of the summer clothes were sorted through and either packed away until spring or sent off to the op shop.

This is her wardrobe an old pantry cupboard that I have had for a number of years, when it first arrived at my house it was in the dining area and housed our home school stuff.
When The Girl was born I thought it would be perfect for her clothes.
Most of her things are stored in the top part with the glass doors.
On the left are good clothes and the right home clothes.
Unfortunately there always seem to be confusion between the two and more often than not clothes end up strewn all over the floor and end up either shoved back in the cupboard dirty or put in the dirty clothes basket clean.

So while sorting out the clothes on Monday I came up with what I hope will be the solution.

In her cupboard I have placed 6 plastic baskets labelled with each day of the week and one for the weekend.
In each I have placed an outfit for the day with another option, depending on the weather and a pair of undies.

I have also labelled the correct spot in the cupboard so that if for some reason more than one gets taken out it can easily be put back in the right place.
I figure this will also help with learning to read and knowing the days of the week.
(the Girl put the labels on the shelves and B3 put the labels on the baskets- which is why some are a little askew)

On the other side is three larger baskets labelled, Jumpers, Church, Town.

In the middle on the top shelf I have one for hats and one for gymnastics clothes.
Under this is a basket of spare clothes.

So far this system has been working quite well, at the end of the day her floor in relatively clean of clothes.
The only hitch occurred yesterday when her clothes got wet and the only things in her basket were a t-shirt and a skirt, as it was quite cool here she wanted something warmer so took them from Wednesday's basket.
But it only took a second to grab another outfit from the spare clothes basket and I have now shown the bigger boys where it is as I don't want her thinking she can help herself from this or we will end up with them everywhere again.

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  1. With 3 girls and 1 boy I have some idea about clothes chaos :) Your kitchen dresser idea is brilliant. I'm definately following your blog from now on for advice and inspiration xx

  2. Good thinking! Keeping organized can be such a challenge with a big family! Great cabinet!

  3. Love this idea Deanne. I think I might try something similar with our younger three that dead themselves.

  4. Great idea!! I love the kitchen dresser, it so cool! I don't know if you sew for The Girl, but I have a giveaway going on that is open to anyone in any country for a free dress/skirt pattern! They are really cute and come in all sizes! (The Handmade Dress)

  5. Great organization! Thanks for sharing at Beach Cottage Good Life Wednesdays.

  6. I do something similar with my younger boys. It helps a LOT to keep them in clean clothes. I also have them put everything they wear straight into the hamper at the end of the day. That keeps all clothes off of the floor. Great idea! Lisa~

  7. Good Idea! Thanks for sharing it!


  8. I only have two girls and have never had this problem other than finding dirty clothes on the bathroom floor every evening after daddy has done the bedtime routine with them. For a while I did put the oldest ones clothes into outfits that I put in a basket for each week. That was when I discovered that she had winter outfits enough for a whole month. Now she has graduated to picking out her own outfits and even though her closet is a mess it still stays in there.
    I might use this idea later for my youngest daughter when she starts to get dressed on her own.

  9. Wish this would work on my 16 year old son!


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