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Monday, June 6, 2011

getting ready for a door

I haven't shared what we have been doing in the Boys' Bungalow lately because it has been the boring stuff - like putting up the cornices and painting.
The other week I ordered a sliding glass door for the entrance to the Bungalow, this will open directly into the games room.
It is 3.5m wide and has two doors opening from the middle. 
My original idea was to have a sliding door with louvres either side but they were $1000 dearer than this option and VCH wouldn't let me get them, so we went with plan B.
So because the door could be ready very soon VCH had to get the opening ready.

 Here is all the old fibro pulled off and the old frame being removed
 Two pieces of wood holding up the roof while VCH gets the frame measured.

 The frame taking shape.

 The wall had to come out of the boys room too, the previous owners had built this bit and VCH found that they had used normal pine for some of the frame, of course the white ants had had a field day and eaten it away.
We were removing the door from here so VCH has had to make a new frame out of treated pine.

This is what is left of the storage area.
Along the right hand side it used to go to the end of the wall
but that was removed to make the new doorway into the games room.
Where the two big boys sleep now will be made into two separate bedrooms.
My job this week will be to sort out and declutter the storage area so the stuff can be moved elsewhere. 
Looking the other way towards the games room.
VCH and B2 measuring up the new frame.

Our yard looks like a construction site- oh wait it is!

 It's winter here in Australia do you think the boys might get a tad cold at night?

 VCH to the rescue, new frame and fibro up and doorway covered with some blankets.

Ready and waiting the new door.


  1. Looking soo big now! the boys must have been cold last night.

  2. No they said it was fine, I think the wool blankets kept it fairly well insulated.

  3. Looks like a fabulous addition to your home and a fun adventure for everyone to be designing the new creation

  4. It must be exciting adding more space for the older boys. What a difference the new door will make when it arrives, will it let in the morning sun?

  5. The door arrived yesterday, will do a post when it is installed. The door faces the west, but as it is the only source of natural light into the room I wanted it big, we will probably put up an awning for summer.


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