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Friday, June 3, 2011

the cake that b4 decorated

On Monday, on B4's birthday everyone in our house with the exception of VCH was sick, in varying stages of a nasty head cold.
But it was still a birthday and a cake was needed.
B4 found some green jelly in the pantry and decided he wanted a cake with a pool in it like he had seen in my birthday cake folder.
 I instructed him on how to make the jelly with 1/2 the amount of water as usual.
So while I was in bed, B2 made a gluten free chocolate cake for B4.
When the cake was cool, I instructed B4 on how to make butter icing via my bedside.
I climbed out of bed briefly to help him cut out a circle in the top and put in the jelly and then he iced and decorated his own birthday cake, with a bag of party mix lollies I had bought for his birthday.

Here is the result.
I thought he did a pretty good job and he got so much pleasure out of icing his own cake I think I might let him do it again!

 With 9 candles in place.

Here is is with his cake, the little one to the side was made with the cut out bit.

We had to postpone our trip to Movieworld on Tuesday because of our illness.
I finally climbed out of bed today.
The rain during the week has left a lot of sporting fields closed so with a lighter weekend hopefully we will all be fully recovered by Monday.

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  1. Oh Deanne, not so nice a way to spend a birthday. Hope you are feeling great soon.


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