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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

recipe folders

Over the holidays I sorted out my cooking folders.
It took me the best part of a day.
These folders are full of recipes out of magazines or off the internet- things that looked good and I thought I would cook one day.
Some are family favourites that I cook over and over again, others appealed at the time but never made it to the table.
I culled the recipes that I have never used.
I sorted out the folders and all the loose sheets that have never made it into the folders and used my new labeller to label them.
I actually separated the recipes into more folders in the hope of making them easier to find.
I put the folders into some magazine holders and B2 had fun fiddling with the new toy and made labels for the holders.

I found it quite good flicking through these to organise this months meals.
We will be able to try a few new dishes.
A new one we tried last week was Pumpkin, Lemon and Chicken bake, a recipe from BHG mag.
Everyone loved it so it is now on this month's menu.
I will post the recipe to my cooking blog when we have it next.

Ready and waiting for some culinary adventures.

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