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Sunday, October 3, 2010

tray transformation

 I recently picked this tray up op shopping, it was made of craft wood and folk art painted.
I knew I could transform it but I wasn't sure what to do other than paint it white and then distressed it with some sandpaper.
Then I decided to paint something on it like I did with the tables .
But what?
First I toyed with some numbers- the year we were married, some random number?
Then I decided a word would be better, again I threw around some ideas, 
finally I came up with two possibilities.
EAT or TEA after printing out the words I went and sort opinions from B3 and B4-
who both thought TEA looked the better of the two.

So I cut out the word with my little sharp knife and glued it onto the tray and painted in the black.

After it dried I took off the stencil and then distressed the letters some as well to give it that worn look and gave it heaps of coats with a clear gloss spray.
Ready to use
and loaded with tea things.
I have used it all day carrying food up to my workers up the back, it is going to come in so handy!

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  1. this is really lovely! i'm your newest follower + would love for you to consider following me too AND linking this beauty up to the weekly linky party I co-host on thursdays "A Crafty Soiree"

  2. Clever! I love the distressed look of it too. Well done, lovely blog, tami

  3. I love this!! Just devine! I am really learning from all this inspiration to NOT walk past those folk artsy items that are well past their time - because a good lick of white paint fixes everything!!


  4. Thanks- I am just learning to do this as well, and kicking myself for throwing out stuff in the past that could be so much better with a coat of white today!

  5. That is a very cute tray. I wish you would tell us HOW you did it all. Some people are just talented that way (you) and some are not (me). I could never make a tray look like that !!

  6. It's perfect!!!!
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  7. Looks like you did a great job. Always amazing what paint and imagination can do to perk up old things.


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