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Monday, October 4, 2010

finds and a wip

I went garage saling on Saturday while VCH had to work.
I wasn't too hopeful of any great finds or even many garage sales because as well as being school holidays it is also a long weekend.

 I picked up these little frames at the first sale I went to for $2 the lot - I am tossing around some ideas for these in my head at the moment!

Then there was a bit of a dry spell including a great garage sale with lots of good stuff but "antique store" prices -  I am sure they would have been left with lots of stuff at the end of the day- if it wasn't so far away I might have gone back at the end of the day to bargain .

 I managed to find this old shopping basket for $2 at another sale which I think will be great to store my current decorating magazine reads.

At the last garage sale I found these two old lourve doors.
I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them- I had heaps of ideas - so I bought them home and this is where they ended up.

The curly wire thing is from my old screen door, a garage sale find from many years ago- we are in the process of doing something else with our back door, but we are not sure quite what yet.
I actually had it hanging horizontally along this wall but it wasn't doing it for me so when these louvres came along this little display just magically came together. 
When VCH arrived home from work and saw it and said "WOW!" I new I had hit the nail on the head!
I think it has a little French Country feel.
I need to paint the cast iron chairs but I have been either procrastinating for weeks or it's been wet or windy - not ideal conditions for wielding around a spray can outside  in.

This is looking along the back of our house where VCH and the B's cemented not long ago, we also made the stepping stones and planted some grass seed - a combo of couch and rye, the rye will die off in the warmer weather and the couch will take over.
The house needs to be repainted, we only painted it a few years ago but the paint has not adhered very well for some reason, and every little knock shows or it starts to peel - helped along by little hands, so we need to sand back and repaint. 
While I still like the blue, I keep dreaming of a grey and white house, but if I change colour it would mean repainting a lot more things than if I stick to the blue, so for the moment it is in the too hard basket!

I have been looking for a stool for my back door for months, I have just what I want in mind, but I am yet to find one. 
In the meantime I was inspired to make this out of two logs that didn't get burned over the winter and an old step.

You can also see here the old baker's stand that houses the outdoor shoes and soon will also hold a basket with towels for those children who continually go swimming without towels and stand at the back door dripping wet and yelling for a towel or drip their way to the linen closet for one!

I have a WIP to go above the bench and on the other side of the door I am putting an outdoor clock so the we don't loose track of time while we are up in the pool.
Stay tuned I will keep you posted on how it all comes together.

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  1. Great finds & love the shutters & bench! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, please come back and visit. Happy Fall!

  2. Thanks, but we are actually at the beginning of Spring here!

  3. I can imagine the ideas churning for those frames...there are so many possibilities. I love the shopping basket. Your lourve doors look great. I know how hard it is to get motivated to paint anything, good luck with the chairs :) Hopefully the weather will cooperate soon!

    Tks for your nice comments.

  4. Hi,

    Thank you for coming all the way to California to leave a comment on my blog.(-: You have some great what you did with the old doors - doors are fun to work with and this is a very clever treatment. Wonderful old watering cans too. Take care.

  5. Looking good, love the basket, so what is a wip?

  6. Work in Progress ie the back of my house.

  7. Great look with your doors-love the green chairs!

  8. Hi Deanne, I am new to the blog world, and have been jumping from one to the next (it is not 10 past 2am, I think I had better stop, and go to bed) but I just had to say "Hi" to you, cos you are AN AUSSIE TOO!! I have not come across many blogs from Oz people yet. Also, I love your louvre doors out the back & what you have done, there is DEFINITELY a French Provinciale look to it. We are in the process of building so I love looking for "stuff" but my hubbie just thinks of it as junk, until I do wondrous things with it (which usually takes me ages)!! So keep on keepin' on gal, you're doin well. (SIX children?? OMG!! You must'nt have time to scratch yourself)!! Ha ha... Hugs n Blessings from Sue of Oz

  9. Those green chairs are in the process of being painted courtesy of B2

  10. I really like your shutters, the chair are wonderful, they would look perfect in white.


  11. They are white now thanks to my number 2 son who has painted them this week.

  12. Love the shutters. I have some that have been moving around to different rooms in my house but haven't found a home yet!

  13. Hi Deanne! You did great with your treasure hunting expedition, girl! Love the shutters where you put there. They really stand out against the pretty blue wall. I bought some shutters this summer at a flea market, too. After wandering around the house with them, they ended up in the living room on each side of my sofa. They add a French feel to that room. :) And your shopping basket is swoon-worthy!! Happy WW!

    xoxo laurie


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