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Friday, October 1, 2010

let the swimming begin

Well it looks like the pool is finally finished. YAHHH!!
The cement has been poured, the grouting done and now we get to the fun part - landscaping!

The cement mixer finally arrived on Tuesday  after two weeks of hold-ups.
The council was held up in coming to inspect it.
Then we had to repick the cement colour because we couldn't get the white colour that we originally wanted to go with our white pavers.
Then we were held up by the local footy grand final- how could that affect a pool you ask?
Well it's like this - the captain and one of the wingers are part of the pool team and they needed some time off after the final to "recover" so to speak- just as well they won! 
Go Ghosts!!!
Then the cement that was only suppose to take 2-3 days to arrive took a week.
So finally on Tuesday they turned up with the cement truck and proceeded to pour the cement.
I am not sure how they are going to cope without B4's help at their other jobs!

Finishing it off

Waiting for the grout

The new gate, with the temporary fencing at the side.

The grouting done

The basket on the gate to hold the goggles.
After a couple of hot days at the beginning of the week it has turned cool again, hopefully the warm weather will return soon so we can get into some serious swimming, I even bought myself a cap and goggles so that I can swim laps.

Weekend jobs levelling it off, moving dirt around and finishing the side fence, all without the big boys who are off at ag camp- a dingo has been hired and it looks like I will be doing some grunt work!
At least if it's hot I can have a swim to cool off!


  1. Wow, I remember when my parents put in a pool, I was 7 maybe. It was so much fun to watch it all happen, and we lived in it in the summer! You all will enjoy it so much! Oh my, how on earth do you get anything done one DIY projects with 6 kids? Seriously! I have one (2 yrs) and I watch 2 infants during the day and I have a hard time keeping up with them, the house, meals, and DIY stuff. How do you do it? I am impressed!
    Thanks for stopping in a Kensington Cottage earlier! Glad you did or might not have discovered your blog for a while!

  2. It does get easier as the kids get bigger and can help around the house!

  3. Yes it will be nicer when the rain goes and the weather warms up!


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