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Saturday, September 4, 2010

sounds of the sea

Welcome to my bathroom.

 I have spent time recently actually decorating it.
 It's only been two years in the making.
We did up our bathroom two years ago and this is how it looked prior to this week, functional but lacking pizazz.
Part of the reason was that I hadn't come up with any ideas other than to put a word on the window ledge.
As I couldn't decide what I actually wanted to say there I never got any further. 
So I came up with a variety of words and let the kids choose their favourites.
SPLISH SPLASH was chosen only one problem- Lincraft only had 2 S and I needed 4.
So I bought the letters for one word and started there.
When I was next there they had another "s" - yes we will have more "s" in the next few days says the girl when asked, so I buy P L A S H and paint them white, a few weeks later they still haven't got any more "s" in so we now have....

.... splish plash- the trials of living in a small town!

Once I painted them and put them in the room some ideas started to flow, firstly I decided to get rid of the frosting on the bathroom window.

 VCH spray painted it on when our veranda was first built because you can see straight into the bathroom. But it is impossible to clean it just scratches and looks ugly so I cleaned it off- much better.
I decided that some starfish and shells might look nice and brought out my shell container and started looking through for some inspiration.

 I made these little frames out of frames that used to have a flower in them.
I painted them white and then distressed them, after fiddling around with different shells and starfish I glued in three pieces of coral.

 I found these canvases that I put away to make something with the little ones and hadn't, also in my collection were these three starfish in a colour that matched the bathroom.

 I refitted this shadow box with a more up to date picture- the old one only had four children in it.

 Does it look familiar? - Yes it's my blog header.
I just printed it on normal paper, cut it to size and glued it onto the back of the frame.

Here it is on the wall with another frame with shells.

Showing you the big picture- they hang above the bath.

I also painted some starfish white and put them on the tiles near the bath - they are just blu tacked on at the moment but I will glue them on with my hot glue gun one day.
I quite like the effect of the white on white.

 I also put some shells in old coffee jars and some sponges and shells on top of my cabinet.

 The aloe vera in the pot on the sink is more than to add greenery it keeps away the frizz in my naturally curly hair.

 I put a director's chair in the corner for clothes and towels, I distressed the paint to give it a more vintage beach feel, but looking at the photo could probably do a bit more.

 I would like a something to go above the chair but I am still deciding what.

 Lincraft had a sale on manchester so I managed to pick up some white fluffy towels, and bath mats for next to nothing, and some hand towels and washers to match the floor tiles.

 This shows the strip of mosaic tiles, our shower and the starfish.

My new fluffy bath mats

I added this picture to the little hall that connects the toilet and bathroom. 
B2 did this pastel a few years ago in his art class, it won a couple of prizes at some art shows. 
The frame was brighter but I white washed over the top to tone it down and match with the colours of the bathroom.

 and of course this is my bus destination sign, that also ties in with the beachy theme.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love, love, love the canvas star fish!


  2. Your bathroom looks great! I love all the creative things you came up with. So beachy and relaxing! Visiting from Sunday Showcase.

  3. I like all the beachy elements you've added to your bathroom. The blue starfish on the canvases are really pretty, and and your mosaic tiles are beautiful. Great pastel artwork too :-)

    Hope you get your 4th S soon!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. very cute! I love those blue starfish on the canvas!

  5. looks so cute! Love all the new touches! Thanks for linking up to We Can Do It Cheaper!!

  6. I love your bathroom! I adore beach themed anything and you did a great job! I love the words in the window, all the shells in jars and framed and the starfish glued to the tile just to name a few, great job!

  7. So elegant looking :) Thanks SO much for joining in on Thrilling Thursdays @ Paisley Passions. I hope to see you again next week :)
    ~Lori S.
    Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions


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