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Sunday, March 7, 2010

revamped directors chairs

  I have some directors chairs on my veranda. 
I picked them up at garage sales for $2 each years ago. 
I used to have them covered with proper covers, but they deteriorated and needed to be replaced.  
I couldn't find any in the colours I wanted and they are not cheap. 
I was going to make some new covers out of old sheets but after cutting one out wrong I never got back to it.
They looked ugly and none of them matched.
I was inspired by a picture in a home magazine as well as this blog and I decided to go the whole hog and revamp them myself.
First we pulled off the old seats and backs.

Here is B4 helping to get them off.
 I washed them with decking cleaner to get rid of the mildew stains and gave them a light sand.

 I painted them all in white. 
I used an outdoor paint and also added a mould/mildew retardant. 

 I found a natural coloured canvas and made some new seats and backs, using the old ones as a template.

VCH helped me to staple the seats in place.

Here is one completed. 

Last week we had a council cleanup and I found four more on the side of the road for free!
I just need VCH to cut the legs slightly so they fit under the table on the veranda, and then I can do them up as well.


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