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Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is our bathroom.

VCH renovated it last year, with funds left over from our extension.
VCH did most of the work himself with some help from the electrician and a plumber (toilet).

He had to reline all the walls and did the tiling and fitted the new bath and shower all by himself.
It made it a little easier that we didn't move any of the taps or major fittings.

We moved the toilet out of the bathroom and into the linen cupboard.
The reason we were able to do this is that the previous owners had renovated the bathroom themselves and extended it into the dining room.
Which left a gap behind the linen cupboard which they could have turned into a cupboard on the other side, or a walk in linen cupboard but they didn't.
One night in the bath I was contemplating how to get rid of the toilet from the bathroom, because it drove me crazy and suddenly thought that it might fit into the linen cupboard.
It is small (some people have nicknamed it a bus toilet or plane toilet) and the door has to open outwards but it works, no more smelly toilet in my bathroom.

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  1. Nice job. I love the separate toilet area. I had a half wall built to partition ours.


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