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Thursday, September 2, 2010

spring brunch

Good Morning, its Spring here in Australia so we are having brunch on the veranda.

We are using my new red and blue stripey dishes.

Here is your place.

I'll sit here while we wait for the other guests.

We can see out into the garden, where my herbs grow.

The flowers are from a bush in the garden, just coming into bloom.

Coffee, tea or juice while you wait?

The view from above.

When everyone is here we will fill the bowls with fresh fruit and muesli, 
or for the teenage boys weet bix and milk.
 Then we can enjoy some bacon, eggs, tomato and mushrooms with toast or pancakes.
Thank you for joining me for brunch.

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  1. Just lovely! So funny to think Spring! It must be hard to get into the Christmas spirit, but I know Natasha does!
    Love your new dishes. Nice to meet you!

  2. Great table...we are looking forward to fall, which should be just around the corner.

  3. What a beautiful table. Those red glasses are just wonderful. Such a fun a lively table for breakfast that would sure wake the kids up. Love it and so nice to meet you!

  4. I love those dishes.. and whilst our flowers have bloomed out, yours are just beginning.. fun. very pretty table.

  5. I could sit all day at your lovely table on your charming porch. If I waited long enough, would there be a chance that I might see a Roo? Thank you for sharing your wonderful design. Cherry Kay

  6. Thanks, Yes you might see a roo- early morning or late afternoon is the best time!

  7. I wonder if my hubby would let me have a couple of days off while I travel to your house for brunch. It looks lovely Deanne.

  8. What a wonderful porch! I would spend my whole day there. And your stripy dishes are adorable. What a fun table!


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