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Friday, October 11, 2013

beautiful pebbly beach

We are just back from 3 days and 2 nights at the beautiful Pebbly Beach.

Access is by 4WD driving 2km on the beach 

before crossing a creek at low tide, .

It is not for the faint hearted or glamper, 
there is nothing glamorous about camping at Pebbly - except for the views. 
 Be prepared for no water- you must bring all you need with you, the toilets are compost toilets (they weren't unpleasant at all), there is no power and no showers.
So if you don't think you can handle that don't come, but if you think you can then, you are in for a treat.

This is one of the most pristine, 

beautiful beaches you will ever see.

While you are there you can fish, swim, play in the sand, 


walk around the headland to Freshwater Beach, 

investigate the rock pools, 

 or just enjoy the scenery!

 We had a fabulous time with our friends and I am sure we will go back there again.

 This really is just a small snapshot of Pebbly Beach, I took 100's of photos. 
The fabulous thing is that it really only an hour from home, we live in a glorious part of Australia!


  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous!!! what a wonderful memory yo have created:)

  2. Another new and amazing spot close to home. I guess we won't be able to make it (no suitable vehicle etc) but will enjoy your experience and photos with you.

    1. We have just bought a cheap 4WD so we can do these trips, looking forward to be able to go more unusual places now!

  3. How gorgeous! There are some truly spectacular camping spots and beaches around Australia :)
    Cas x

  4. I have loved watching your shots on social media in real time. I am a glamper these days and don't fancy the no water bit, but then again those pristine landscapes look like they were worth the effort.

    1. Thanks, my friend Crystal took those as I only have an old phone and a "real" camera instead!

  5. Looks absolutely beautiful! Worth roughing it out for, I reckon.

    1. Yeah it's OK for a few days, but I was glad of a nice hot shower when I got home!

  6. I don't know this place at all Deanne but it looks beautiful.

    Anne xx

  7. That face, looks like packman is carved on the stone :P

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