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Thursday, September 26, 2013

planters with a difference

 I was given a heap of old chairs and things from a friend who was cleaning out.
I love it when friends give me things!

These cane chairs were not that old (ie. not an antique) and had been made in Taiwan.
The problem with them was that the back support had been broken off. 
You can see this in comparison to this chair that still has the back bit.
Obviously this would make the chair uncomfortable to sit  on, 
so I had to think about another way to "redeem" the chairs.
I had seen some chairs on pinterest where they made them into planters and I had been keen to try it, 
but was waiting for the right chairs to come along, and they did!
I decided that since the back thing was missing that it would look a bit bare just painted so instead decided to put some chicken wire over the back so you could grow something up it.
I sent B3 on the trail of some chicken wire and he arrived back with some, however when I asked him and his two older brothers to attach it to the chairs I was met with "it is impossible and even Dad will tell you it can't be done!"
Along comes B4 who says to me, "Mum do you want me to try?"
So B4 set to work and was going along quite well.
 B2 came along and seeing B4 working on it set to helping him.
Takes a little one to show a big one that is can be done!
Thanks for you determination and willingness to try anything, B4.
Once the chairs were done, I painted one red and the other black, 
I wanted  colours that would stand out if someone put it in a garden amongst other plants.
I took a chair with me to Bunnings and thankfully found a pot to fit them nicely!
These were painted the same colour as the chairs and set into the chair filled with potting mix and planted with some plants I had bought at Bunnings while I was there.

I bought jasmine for the back so that it would climb up the wire.
In the red chair I also planted some white petunias,

 and in the black some allysum that will trail down over the front.

I also had some birdcages that I thought would look better for a plant or two so we drilled some holes in the bottom and put in some potting mix and I planted some mixed colour petunias and a couple of the left over white ones.

 Now it is just a matter of water and time!
I am hoping that they will be ready for the markets at the beginning of November.

While on the subject of flowers I thought I would share a quick piccy of the lovely arrangement VCH bought me home on our Anniversary.
We had said no presents so these were a complete surprise- and not just some supermarket flowers either- a lovely arrangement from the florist!

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By Stephanie Lynn

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  1. Totally amazed at what you decided to do with the chairs! Lovely present too:)

  2. They are such a great idea and I look forward to seeing them when the vines have grown up. But perhaps you will have sold them before that.

  3. VCH hit the spot with those flowers, what a lovely surprise.

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