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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

apple crumble ice cream

If you have been hanging around this blog long enough or know me personally you would know that I have a thing for ice cream!
I love eating ice cream no matter what the weather is, I love making ice cream and I love trying new flavours!
 A while back I picked up the Sweet Poison Recipe book and I have been trying a few recipes here and there.
One that immediately caught my eye when I bought it was a rhubarb crumble ice cream.
So I bought some rhubarb to make it and then life got in the way and eventually the chooks got the mouldy rhubarb and I never got to try the ice cream.
The other week I was thinking about what ice cream to make for ice cream sundaes on Sunday,
I have been incredibly slack busy lately and we have either not had ice cream or shock horror have had bought stuff with all the junk in it!
As I had a box of apples I thought I might try this ice cream with apples instead.
 It was delicious and everyone in the family enjoyed it.
 I was a little worried as they use sour cream in the recipe and I thought they might notice the slight tartness in the flavour but apparently that didn't make any difference to their enjoyment of it.
Like all my recipes this is sugar free (fructose free), if you still use sugar just change it out 1:1.

Apple Crumble Ice Cream
2-3 apples chopped
1 cinnamon stick- or teaspoon cinnamon
1 1/4 cup dextrose (you can use sugar if you prefer)
1 cup cream
1 cup sour cream
1 cup milk
vanilla pod or essence to taste
3 eggs (or you can use 6 egg yolks)

Crumble mix
1/4 cup ground almonds
3/4 cup plain flour (I used GF)
1/2 cup dextrose
90 g butter melted

Heat oven to 160C, line a tray with baking paper, mix crumble ingredients together in a bowl until resembles course breadcrumbs, spread on tray and bake for 15-20 min or until golden brown- set aside to cool.

Put the apples, cinnamon and 1/4 cup dextrose into a saucepan and cook for 5 or so minutes until soft but not mushy, set aside in a bowl to cool, if you used a cinnamon stick take it out before adding to the ice cream, I added an extra sprinkle of cinnamon to the apples before putting them in.

Put the cream, sour cream, milk and vanilla into a heavy based saucepan. 
Bring it almost to the boil, meantime whisk the eggs and 1 cup dextrose in a bowl, gradually whisk the cream mixture into the egg mixture.
Transfer it back to the saucepan and cook over medium heat stirring constantly (8-10 minutes) or until thick enough to coat the back of a wooden spoon- do not let it boil! 
Strain into a bowl cover loosely with plastic and refrigerate until really cold. 
Churn mixture in your ice cream maker, add the apples to mix through just before the end and let mix until well combined. 
Place ice cream into a container and then spread crumble mix on top. 
Freeze for a couple of hours until firm. 
I had a little extra crumble mix so when I served it I just sprinkled it over the top so everyone got a nice amount of crumble with their ice cream. 
You could use other berries in place of the apple, but you may wish to add a little more dextrose, the original recipe used 1 cup dextrose for the rhubarb, but because apples are quite sweet I didn't need to use as much.

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  1. It sure does look (and sound) delicious, especially in your last photo!

  2. That looks and sounds absolutely delicious. I want some!

  3. Two of my favourite things together Deanne. What could be better?

    Anne xx

  4. Thank you for the link to that site Deanne. I have read 2 of David's books but didn't realise there was a separate recipe book. I will definitely be purchasing that!

  5. I have always shy-ed away from making ice cream but that looks so delicious and I like the idea of it not having any of those fillers/ thickners... Thanks for the recipe, I am going to have to try it!.

  6. I have a feeling that I would be too lazy to make it, but I definitely want to eat it ;)
    Cas x

  7. Hi Deanne,
    What a yummy dessert, we will just love your Apple Crumble Ice Cream. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you are having a great weekend!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen

  8. Yum. Sour cream sound interesting and the chooks sound happy.

  9. Congratulations!
    Your recipe is featured on Full Plate Thursday this week. Hope you are having a great weekend and enjoy your new Red Plate!
    Miz Helen


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